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Checkmark 2.5 adds Today widget, more

Not too long ago, I reviewed Checkmark 2 from Snowman, the to-do and reminder app for iPhone that's got a few nice tricks up its sleeve. Do apps have sleeves? In any case, version 2.5 came out this morning (US$9.99, on sale today only for $2.99) and it adds a few more goodies to that tricky repe...

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Checkmark 2 for iPhone is a slick reminders app

I have a mind like a sieve. Checkmark 2 plugs the holes. The developers at Snowman have released Checkmark 2 (US$2.99 launch price; regular $5.99), a major update to its predecessor, Checkmark. This handy reminders app looks great, improves on old features and adds some new stuff. After a week of u...

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Checkmark 2 reminder app ships next week

The developers at Snowman have teased Checkmark 2 with an amusing video. Checkmark (our review here) is a reminders app for iPhone, and version two adds some compelling new features, improves existing ones and has a whole new look. I've been using Checkmark 2 for a few weeks and will have a review...

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Super Squares brings casual fun to iPhone, iPad

I don't keep many games on my iPhone, but I am fond of the pick-up-and-play variety -- the type of game you can jump into at any time and enjoy a few rounds. Super Squares (free with in-app purchases) is a good example of this type of game, in that it's effortless to learn, challenging and fun. The...

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Super Squares is a fun puzzle game for iPhone, iPad

Snowman, the developer behind Circles and Checkmark, has released a new, free puzzler for iPhone and iPad called Super Squares. It's one of those fun, pick-up-and-play games that are great for killing a few minutes or unwinding at the end of the day. Your task is to complete a path from one point...

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Circles for iPhone delivers old-school memory challenge

Circles for iPhone ($US1.99) is the latest iPhone app from Snowman. It's a fun memory game of the pick-up-and-play ilk, and it's kept me busy for the last week or so. My fellow Gen-X'ers will think of Simon, the electronic memory game from Milton Bradley that became an '80s pop culture icon. Of ...

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Checkmark 1.1 adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders, more

Checkmark is a reminder app from Snowman that we've reviewed before. In many ways, it's faster than using Apple's Reminders app, especially once you've created favorite locations and reminders. Version 1.1, released today, adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders and more, making a handy utility...

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Checkmark is a handy new reminder app for iPhone

Checkmark is a new reminder app for iPhone from Snowman. I've been using it for a while now, and can tell you that it's faster than Apple's Reminders with unique, useful features. Checkmark builds on location-based reminders. What's nice is that you can create buttons for oft-visited locations (...

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