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Tag: soccer

FIFA 14 arrives on iOS, goes freemium

Soccer (or football) fans rejoice. EA Sports has released FIFA 14 for iOS. The app features 33 leagues from the English Premier League to the German Bundesliga battling it out in 34 licensed stadiums, with over 600 licensed teams, and more than a whopping 16,000 players. There are some great...

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NBC streaming English Premier League football games via NBC Sports Live Extra app

NBC has announced that it will allow American viewers to watch English Premier League football (soccer) via its iOS app NBC Sports Live Extra, as noted by 148apps. English Premier League matches begin this weekend and making them available to stream via its iOS app only makes sense for NBC, which...

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Sky Sports for iPad lets you choose your own replay camera angles

Football fans rejoice (that's soccer for you in America)! Sky Sports has released an update to its popular iPad app that offers a new feature called Sky Sports 360. It lets you switch between over 20 camera angles during a replay. The app also allows you to choose to view the replays at normal...

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TUAW's Daily iOS App: First Touch Soccer

If you enjoy soccer or soccer video games and happen to own an iPhone, First Touch Soccer is a must-buy. I'm not a big fan of soccer, but this is an impressively premium title with great visuals, solid controls and lots of extras, including home team themed menus, multiple modes, social...

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Interview with Doodle Jump's Igor Pusenjak, part 2

In part one of our interview with Lima Sky's Igor Pusenjak, we talked about how his Doodle Jump game became so successful, and how other game designers might be able to replicate its success. In this part, however, we get a little more concrete -- Pusenjak discusses current and future updates to...

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Handmark and team up for free FIFA World Cup 2010 app

With the FIFA World Cup 2010 commencing on June 11th, TUAW has been receiving a lot of info about iPhone apps for the event, including the indie effort Total Football 2010 which we'll be checking out soon. One of the most intriguing tips came from veteran mobile developer Handmark, which has...

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FIFA 10 coming to iPhone this Friday

What's it going to take for us to get developers to release games for Apple products earlier than two years after the fact? The iPhone, apparently -- EA has announced that their soccer flagship FIFA 10 will be available for the iPhone this Friday, which is the same day the console game shows up in...

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iPod helps Manchester United win the Carling Cup

While the American football season has been over since the Pro Bowl, the rest of the world is still enjoying football -- or soccer as we Yanks refer to it. A number of readers gave us a heads-up this morning on a story that is a huge PR win for Apple. Yesterday, Manchester United and Tottenham...

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Fixtures and more from iFooty

With 237 (and counting) almost universally glowing reviews, iFooty is one app that's scoring well on the UK iPhone App Store, riding high on the Top 25 Free apps list. What it does it pretty simple -- aggregating football league data and news articles from a variety of BBC sources -- but it does it...

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David Beckham receives a golden Apple

If you thought your iPod touch was expensive, then you might be in for a surprise when you learn about this gold-plated touch. David Beckham of soccer (or football as it is known in the rest of the world) fame received a golden iPod touch from his teammates after participating in his 100th national...

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FIFA '08 headed to Mac?

Inside Mac Games reports that one of their readers, while registering FIFA '08 for the PC on the Windows side of Boot Camp, noticed that EA has both PC and Mac versions of the uberpopular soccer -- sorry, football -- videogame listed for registration. And that's a pretty good indication, of...

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The Goalkeeper: Every position will be famous for 15 minutes

Dateline, Macworld SF 2007: Mac game publishers have jumped on the SPSG bandwagon with a slew of Single Position Sports Games sure to thrill fans. We now have Placekicker, full of the excitement of the point-after conversion; Power Forward II Gold for hoops enthusiasts who need that extra bit of...

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