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Tag: social bookmarking

Pukka 1.6 brings menubar item, Spotlight support and more

Pukka is one of our favorite utilities for posting to, Yahoo!'s social bookmarking site, and an update today helps an already great utility integrate even better with the way you work. Pukka v1.6, available via its built-in update system, now offers a menubar item with complete access...

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Delicious vs. .Mac bookmark syncing

Dave Chartier and I were talking about earlier today, in the secret TUAW offices in Reese Witherspoon's guest house. He loves Delicious, and I had never used it. For years now, I've been happily chugging along with .Mac's bookmark syncing feature, and my own organization of the bookmark ...

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Delibar - the missing link of social bookmarking?

I love the concept of social bookmarking sites like and Shadows. When we found Safarilicious I immediately used it to upload all 1050 of my bookmarks to, and I use it to help organize bookmarks for all sorts of projects I'm working on with friends. My one complaint about the...

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