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You can now mute people on Twitter for iOS

If you have some particularly verbose Twitter friends -- you know, the kind that tweet endlessly about the Emmys or go on and on when Monday Night Football hits the TV -- you now have the option to quiet them down right from within the official Twitter app. Twitter revealed today that it will be a...

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Poke: The Facebook app that never really had a chance

Yesterday was Facebook's 10th anniversary and the social network's presence on Apple's mobile devices is huge. The official Facebook app and Facebook Messenger are the two must-have apps from the company, with the newly released Paper showing promise as well. Then you have the Facebook Pages Manag...

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Achvr helps you discover and share your life goals

I had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Traeger, CEO of Achvr, last night at the Boston gdgt live event. First, the event is a mini-show that showcases a wide variety of products available or coming soon in the gadget accessory market. Events are held in a variety of cities throughout the year. L...

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Facebook launches shared albums, officially making Cluster obsolete

Last week I wrote an article about how pointless the recently released photo-sharing app Cluster -- which raised a ridiculous US$1.6 million in funding -- is, given that the vast majority of its features are already mimicked on more popular services, including Facebook. Today, in an interview with...

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Twitter iOS app adds new authentication feature, gallery and list support

A major update to the Twitter app for iOS devices was released today, bringing with it added support for features that desktop Twitter users are already familiar with as well as a new account security setting. Chief among the new features is the option to add a two-factor login verification system ...

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DeNA to publish Godus on iOS

Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans has been working on a Populous followup game called Godus, and the company has just announced a deal for a publisher. DeNA, the Japanese company behind the Mobage social platform, will be publishing Godus on iOS. And the game will also connect up to Mobage in Weste...

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OpenFeint investor Peter Relan reveals plans for OpenKit, open-sourced back-end services

Peter Relan is the founder of the social gaming incubator YouWeb, and he's probably most familiar to us here at TUAW as the main investor in OpenFeint, the huge social gaming network for iOS and other mobile platforms that was later bought by a Japanese company, and just this week is getting sh...

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Facebook updated to 5.1, upgrades messaging and adds Gifts

Facebook's latest update for iOS makes it a tad easier to start private conversations and share photos with those on your friends list. Version 5.1 adds the handy ability to simply swipe left anywhere within the app to see what friends are currently chatting. You can also prioritize your chat part...

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Path for iPad now available

Path is the growing social network founded by Shawn Fanning. The service's popularity has grown as Apple's iOS devices become more and more ubiquitous. Evidence of Path's good fortune can be seen in the release a of a new, iPad-friendly universal version. Users can now update and browse Path fr...

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AppNet Rhino available for iPhone

Social network is attracting users who are unhappy with Twitter's recent changes. While these defectors may be pleased with their new social home, many are having a hard time leaving behind iOS clients like Tweetbot. Though it's no Tweetbot, users clamoring for an iOS client sho...

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Nike+ FuelBand adds support for Path app

Nike launched its FuelBand exercise assistant earlier this year and the device took off. Nike is releasing a significant update today that'll add support for the Path social network. This new Path feature will let users tie their FuelBand earnings with their status updates on Path. Users can vi...

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Google Plus coming soon to the iPad

Google kicked off its I/O developers conference by unveiling its latest Nexus hardware and new software, including a Google + app designed for tablets. The tablet app has a user interface that The Next Web describes as being part Flipboard, part Apple Coverflow. Users now can easily swipe thr...

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Facebook App Center curates apps for iPhone and Android users

Yesterday, Facebook announced the launch of its new curated App Center that'll let Facebook users find iOS or Android apps quickly and easily. The App Center will give users personalized recommendations and let them see apps their friends use. You can see a brief screencast of the App Center he...

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Google updates Google+ mobile UI

The Google+ mobile website is easier on the eyes thanks to a redesign Google rolled out on Monday. The new UI is available on any mobile device, including the iPad which still does not have a native client. Comments on the redesign suggest the web UI improves performance on the tablet device, but ...

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Apple's termination of retail employee over Facebook post upheld

Apple employees wanting to blow off some steam on Facebook or Twitter may want to think twice before they post their comments. In a recent decision, the UK Labor tribunal upheld Apple's right to fire employees over negative comments left on a social network. This decision cited Apple's social m...

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