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Get your thinking caps on, MacHeist is back

Software bundles seem to be all the rage nowadays, but in my humble opinion, MacHeist is still the best. It doesn't just lump a bunch of apps together for special price, but instead, it turns getting a discount into a game. As a recent Mac switcher, I was utterly confused by MacHeist 3, the first...

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Just one more week to get in on The Mac Sale, with discount for TUAW readers

I don't know about you guys, but I can't get enough of these Mac software bundles. Between MacHeist, the MacUpdate bundle, Mac Bundle Box, and even iPhone software bundles, I've got more unused software licenses than I'll ever need or want. Even though I rarely want every piece of software in...

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Mac Update offers holiday bundle

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, MacUpdate is in the process of offering their Holiday Bundle. MacUpdate tells us that their new purchasing system now allows purchases to be gifted, and in this particular bundle if you purchase three copies, you'll receive a fourth free. The bundle is s...

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MacUpdate adds SRS iWow 2 to bundle

Now that all of the bonus applications have been unlocked, MacUpdate is back with some surprises. Beginning today (December 13), the MacUpdate Promo bundle, also includes a license for SRS Labs iWow 2.0. The iTunes plug-in, which is especially great for anyone on a laptop, is now Leopard compatible ...

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