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Apple updates iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand for iOS

Apple just pushed a series of updates for its iLife iOS apps. The iPhoto 1.0.1 update doesn't add any new features, but does offer a number of stability improvements including when publishing a journal to iCloud, the URL of the journal can now be copied using a Copy Link button. It also address...

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Apple promising fix for iPad Wi-Fi

Since launch, iPad users have complained of issues with the Wi-Fi dropping out or fading. These problems were often fixed by solutions as weird as just raising and lowering the display brightness settings. Originally, Apple said the issue was probably with problem routers and crossed signals, but no...

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iTunes 9.0.3 released

iTunes 9.0.3 is out now for download on Software Update and in the usual places. The update features the option to remember your password when purchasing items in iTunes (finally!), fixes problems with Smart Playlists and podcast synching on iPod, and resolves a few bugs and issues. There's no word...

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iTunes 8.2 to include Blu-ray support?

Update: Our bad... the date on the MacRumors comment was in late April, and this recycled up into our queue due to an editing mixup. Apologies –Ed. There's a new iTunes beta version out in developers' hands straight from Apple, and a forum poster over at Mac Rumors found a little something f...

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Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 requires 10.5.7, which should be out soon

Sunday night on the Talkcast, we approached the rumors of a 10.5.7 release coming soon, and all pretty much agreed that yes -- whatever is in it, it's very likely coming soon. Here's another rumble of thunder that hints at the storm: Nvidia announced a brand new card recently for Macs, called the Qu...

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Mac OS X 10.5.6 is available via Software Update

Apple's support page and Software Update appear to be a little bit hammered --- you know what that means: A new OS update! Mac OS X 10.5.6 has just been released to Software Update. The ~190 MB update (assuming you are already running the latest version of OS X) offers up the following, according...

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Is Apple pushing Safari 3.1 on Windows users?

If you run iTunes or QuickTime on your Windows PC, but not Safari, you might have seen an uninvited guest show up in the Apple Software Update earlier this week. Yes, Apple thinks you need yet another browser. They tried to slip the new Safari 3.1 in for iTunes owners, a move that has some Windows...

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iTunes 7.6.1 is out

Update-addicts listen up: it's that time again, as iTunes 7.6.1 has hit Software Update. For a change, the release notes take up a good few paragraphs (at least on first inspection). Skipping the Apple TV marketing spiel, however, the release notes for this update amount to "several bug fixes and im...

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10.5.2 in Software Update right now

Apple has dropped a 10.5.2 update out on Software Update. The patch has a number of different bugfixes all across the OS, from Dashboard and Airport improvements all the way to a menubar option in Time Machine and the disabling of GrowlMail 1.1.2 or earlier "to avoid security issues fix 1.1.2 from c...

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Apple posts iWork updates

If you're an iWork 08 user, then you may want to run a software update, as Apple has just pushed out updates for all three applications. As ever, there's hugely informative release notes: for Pages 3.0.2 and Numbers 1.0.2 "[t]his update addresses compatibility with Mac OS X" while the Keynote 4.0.2 ...

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Mac OS X 10.5.1 released to Software Update

The truth is out there, so they say, and so is Mac OS X 10.5.1. There's a 39 MB download in Software Update now (your size may vary, depending on installed components) or a 110 MB version downloadable direct from Apple. Changes listed at Apple or after the break. Please, please check your backups be...

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iMac Software Update 1.2.1 (Tiger) is available

Here's a rather specific update for iMac users running Tiger (specifically, 20-inch and 24-inch aluminum iMacs with 2.0, 2.4, or 2.8 GHz processors). According to Apple, Update 1.2.1 "...improves the performance and reliability of graphics-intensive games and applications and fixes an issue that som...

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Leopard delivery delays hit some areas

Brian A. sent a tip to say he called his FedEx delivery manager in Huntsville, AL, and they told him that they were backed up with Leopard deliveries. Apparently, they weren't able to make the 10:30 AM deadline in some areas, and though delivery is still scheduled for sometime this afternoon, they...

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Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 is available

If you've got Apple Remote Desktop installed, launch Software Update. Version 3.2 is available, and includes these changes: Compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard Getting status and connecting to computers on slow networks Typing accented characters on European language keyboards Using Open A...

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iPod Classic and Nano get updated to 1.0.2

iTunes has an update for the new iPod Classic and the new Nanos, and while the update doesn't have a description at all, MacRumors sez: Improved CoverFlow Quicker menus And the much awaited video out fix, among a few other interface tweaks Apparently there's a new option that will "Ask" use...

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