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Chronos announces SOHO Organizer 6

The busy bees at Chronos have indeed been... busy. Not to be content with the recent release of SOHO Notes 6, the company has gone ahead and dropped SOHO Organizer 6, their "powerful contact, calendar and note manager" that could be compared to an Entourage on steroids (that doesn't suck), sans the ...

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SOHO Notes updated to version 6

SOHO Notes, the information manager/junk drawer application from Chronos, has hit version 6 and adds some nice new features. Perhaps in response to Yojimbo, there is new keyword and smart folder functionality. There's also new support for scanning directly into SOHO Notes a la Yep, as well as new cu...

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TUAW Podcast #24: Journler

[Update 2: The direct download link is working fine now, and I pinged the iTunes Store to check our podcast feed again, so it'll take a little time for them The iTunes Store feed has updated so we're good to go. I hope you enjoy the podcast - and of course Journler if you give it a whirl - and pl...

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Get organized: a survey of digital junk drawer apps

A while ago I decided to bring some sanity to the way I do things and organize all my stuff. I'm working on a design thesis in my multimedia undergrad degree, I'm constantly doing research for my blogging work, and I have countless other projects and ideas that were growing in both size and disorgan...

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