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Song Summoner and sequel coming to iPhone

I actually did buy Song Summoner, the strange, out-of-nowhere tactics RPG from Square Enix that was made for the iPod last year. Yes, that's right it was made for the iPod -- at a time when everyone was waiting to see pro apps on the iPhone and the iPod touch, Square released a game controlled with...

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TUAW Hands-On: Square Enix's Song Summoner for the iPod

Square Enix dropped a huge bomb at E3 a few weeks ago with the fact that their latest Final Fantasy title, number 13, was coming to Microsoft's Xbox 360. But a week before, they dropped another piece of surprise news on iPod owners: that they had released a game for the music player, and that not...

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Square surprises us with Song Summoner for the iPod

Square Enix has released their new game for the iPod, called -- wait, hold the iPhone. Say what again? Square Enix has apparently been hiding a huge secret, and the word is out already in iTunes. They've developed an iPod classic game called Song Summoner, and if the video above is any indication,...

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