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New Flaming Lips song features Siri on vocals

Siri has been getting around lately. When she's not guest starring on popular sitcoms, she's apparently lending her vocal talents to the music scene. The Flaming Lips have produced an experimental song (embedded below) called "Now I Understand," which features both Siri and Erykah Badu as vocalists...

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Shazam offers unlimited free tagging to iPhone app

Users of Shazam, the popular iOS app that allows people to discover what song is playing on the radio, television, or almost anywhere, will be happy to hear that Shazam is offering unlimited free tagging in its iPhone app. Shazam allows users to simply hold up their iPhone while a song is playi...

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No Comment: Sesame Street's iPogo and the App for That song

If you had a smart pogo stick, wouldn't you want it to run apps? It just makes sense, in a strange sort of way. Thanks to Sesame Workshop and those lovable Muppets, here's your Tuesday No Comment. Click the image or Read More to see the video. [via Switched Tumblr, Laughing Squid & Minyanville]...

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The Pocket God Update Song, by Jonathan Mann

Pocket God is still rolling along. It was one of the first big original iPhone games out there, and more than any other title on the App Store, Bolt Creative has been able to both keep the app popular with constant updates and content additions, and even license the app elsewhere in the form of c...

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Steve Jobs' Head and the iPhone girl's single

Ever wonder what's in Steve Jobs' head? If so, then this song is for you. Jonathan Mann is a singer-songwriter who's been doing a song a day since the beginning of last year, and he wrote this little ditty about the crazy, mad genius of one S. Jobs. Mann's a big Apple fan, apparently; he also pos...

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Pop culture loves the iPad: Paper presentation, Parry Grip anthem

All of Apple's devices have been embraced by pop culture sooner or later, but I think the iPad has probably nabbed the record for quickest to the bear hug. Here's two silly things we've seen today, just a week after the iPad's official announcement. First up, songsmith Parry Gripp's latest mini-t...

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'I'm on a Mac' parody video makes noise

It's just incredible how fast some things can transmit themselves around the ol' blogosphere -- when I first saw this silly parody song video over on Laughing Squid last night, I chuckled and figured I'd share it for you all on TUAW the next day. But of course since then it's been all over the pl...

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect iPhone Ringtone

Looking to get something for that new, special 3G or 3GS owner that doesn't cost a lot of money? Or even a little something for yourself? (After all, those monthly bills to AT&T are pretty harsh, so a bargain treat is welcome, right?) How about an awesome ringtonable-song? "This is my Rington...

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It's all about the music: tunes from Apple's keynote presentations

I hope this post gets filed in the "I knew I wasn't the only one!" mental filing cabinets of many. Because if it doesn't, then it makes me the only one who really looks forward to the music Apple uses in its keynotes. Whether it's a song that leads up to Steve Jobs' entrance on stage, or one used in...

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TotalTunes controls iTunes with ease

We've all been there, you're working on something and want to easily change a song in iTunes. What do you do? Well, you could right-click on the iTunes icon in the dock; but that will only give you rudimentary options. Well, here comes TotalTunes Control. With TotalTunes, just create a toggle key ...

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Widget Watch: iPodage song calculator

Remember that iPod storage calculator iLounge released? It seems Christian Chladek, maker of such other widgets as the Morse Code Translator, was inspired to provide an iPod calculator in widget form. iPodage allows you to pick your iPod model and adjust all the vital settings to do some quick and d...

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PodBuffet - an iTunes Kiosk on its way?

How many times have you found yourself out and about somewhere when 'the iTMS itch' strikes? You know, that catchy song playing over the mall speakers, or a kid's headphones at the airport blaring loud enough for you to jam along. But how are you supposed to scratch that itch if your computer and iT...

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Widget Watch: Check new releases by artists in your iTunes library with newTunes

Tired of browsing the (often late) New Release emails from the iTMS to find out whether an artist you actually care about has released a new album? Sick of adding an 'Artist Alert' for each of the hundreds of artists cataloged in your vast library? Well pound those keys no more, frustrated iTMS sho...

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1000 song hack for iTunes phones?

For those out there who find the 100 song cap (amongst other things) on iTunes phone a deal breaker, Engadget Mobile might have found your saving grace. A forum at MotoModders has the details and simple steps you can take to run a simple hack on any iTunes phone (except the v3i) to raise the song c...

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iTunes phone upgrades only for non-U.S. phones with < 100 song limit

I hope no one ran out and bought a ROKR or slick new SLVR after last night's post about the ability to upgrade iTunes phones. Turns out it was more or less a false alarm - at least for those who already have a phone with a 100 song limit. Eddie Cue, iTunes' product manager, got in touch with Engadge...

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