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Daily iPhone App: Guitar! by Smule plays a familiar tune

Smule is the company behind a lot of excellent music apps, and its latest release is called, simply, Guitar! by Smule. Just like much of Smule's other work, the app is designed to let you "play" a guitar via your iPhone, tapping and strumming various notes that run across the screen. That in its...

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Jam for iOS hopes to be 'Instagram for music'

Most of the apps on display in Macworld/iWorld 2013's "Appalooza" annex are of the productivity variety, but that doesn't mean there isn't some fun stuff to be found. One that caught my eye was Jam from Australian developer DreamWalk Mobile. Launched two weeks ago on the App Store, it's a fre...

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Habu tracks playlists to match your mood

Genius playlists are great for picking out music you like, but if you want a set of songs to match your mood, you should take a closer look at Habu. Habu is an iOS app that creates playlists based upon the mood conveyed in a song. Habu is powered by Gracenote, a music database company that lice...

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Daily iPhone App: Magic Guitar

Smule, as we've said before, is an interesting company. Its goal is to bring new musical experiences to people through technology like the iPhone. The company's latest release, Magic Guitar, definitely follows that philosophy. Like the very popular Magic Piano for the iPad, the app enables you ...

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Daily iPhone App: Tap Tap Glee

I don't purport to be a fan of Glee at all -- honestly, when it comes to musicals and dancing, I just don't get it. But I can't deny that the most recent Tap Tap app, based on the Glee TV show and its songs, is shooting up the charts on the App Store. So if you happen to be a Glee fan and want ...

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Shazam Encore updated with lyrics, how about iTunes?

Shazam has released another update for its paid Encore app, this one adding full lyrics of over 25,000 songs on the service from provider LyricPlay. It lets you stream the lyrics in real-time as the song plays, so you can sing (or even just read) along. It's not exactly a reason to shell out fo...

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Get five free songs on iTunes with your American Express card

If you have an American Express card, the company wants to give you five songs on iTunes for free. Just hit up this URL and enter your card information (we double-checked -- it's an official deal, not a scam), and then whenever you buy five songs on iTunes with the same card, you'll get refunded th...

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iTunes begins offering 90-second song previews

It's been a long time coming: Apple has begun offering 90-second previews of songs in the iTunes Store. Previously capped at 30 seconds, all songs longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds will now have a 90-second preview available. According to MacRumors not all songs offer the extended previews yet, but ...

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Rock Band Reloaded out now on App Store, Puzzle Quest 2 out soon

Two big sequels have hit the App Store in the past day or so -- as the holidays are here, more big name titles will be forthcoming for sure. First up, EA has released Rock Band Reloaded, a new version of the popular Rock Band music game series for iOS. This one plays generally the same as the first...

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TUAW's Daily App: Songatron

You may remember Jonathan Mann as "that guy who wrote that song Steve played at the Apple event," but of course Mr. Mann is a talented and extremely experienced musician and songwriter who's been churning out a song every single day over on his Songatron website. He's released an app with the sam...

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iTunes song previews will be extended to 90 seconds in US store

Music site Symphonic Distortion reports Apple has sent word that song previews in the US iTunes Store will soon be extended to 90 seconds, up from the 30-second previews the store has featured until now. The only caveat is that songs must be longer than 2 minutes, 30 seconds in order to get a 90-sec...

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Extended iTunes song previews delayed, licensing may be to blame

One of the things that was widely rumored to appear but ultimately absent from Apple's music event last week was an extension of song previews on the iTunes Store from their current 30 seconds to 60 or even 90 seconds. According to CNET, we can blame the Byzantine licensing arrangement of the music ...

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iTunes 10 quick tip: Liking a song in Ping

Here's a quick tip for iTunes that puzzled a few of us this morning: once you've gone ahead and set up Ping in iTunes 10, how do you 'like' a song instead of an album? The albums have those handy thumbs-up buttons, but it's not as obvious for songs. A bit of exploration reveals that the 'Like' ...

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GDC 2010: Hands-on with Superbrothers' Sword and Sorcery

"Superbrothers" is the alias of Craig Adams, a Toronto-based artist who specializes in pixel-based artwork and cinema. He's a big fan of musician Jim Guthrie, and after the two met a while ago (and discovered they were actually fans of each other), he was inspired to create a few music videos of th...

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Rhythm Racer is big on fun, short on content

Rhythm Racer [iTunes link] is an interesting take on the growing music/rhythm genre, and while it shows some interesting promise, it's currently a little too thin to become a full-fledged obsession. The basic idea is that you're controlling a ship down a track with different colored orbs on it, a...

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