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Hands on with the new Sonos iOS app

I've spent a few weeks using a beta of the new Sonos app which is to be released this spring. Sonos was one of the first companies to embrace the Mac when the company launched its whole-house wireless music solution back in 2002. When Apple allowed apps in iOS, Sonos was front and center with an app...

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Sonos announces new controller apps for Mac and iOS

Sonos, the company that develops the popular self-named wireless music system, says it is giving the apps that control it from Macs and iOS devices a complete overhaul. According to the company, the apps have been: "rebuilt from the ground up, this new UI not only looks great but gives our...

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Sonos introduces Playbar, an iOS-controlled, nine-speaker TV sound solution

Sonos, the popular wireless whole-house music system, is moving into video in a big way, with a new product called the Playbar. The Playbar is designed for all those TVs that are using the low-fi built-in internal speakers. Sonos' solution, which integrates with the Sonos music systems, provides...

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Sonos update lets you stream from iOS devices

Sonos has updated its iPhone app and iPad app (both free) to enable direct streaming from your iOS devices. With version 3.8.3, your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can be Sonos sources, much like your music library and web services like Pandora. The feature is a welcome one and works very well. It...

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Sonos, 1Password apps receive Retina updates

A couple of well-known apps have received updates today providing all of the Retina display love that you've been waiting for. 1Password for Mac and the Sonos Controller apps for iPhone and iPad now have bazillions of more pixels for your viewing pleasure. Over at AgileBits, ex-TUAWer David...

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Sonos Sub a welcome addition to wireless speaker system

Sonos has released the Sub, a smart subwoofer that works with the Sonos family of wireless speakers. The team took a unique approach to research and design and the results sound great. I got to spend about an hour discussing and listening to the Sub at Sonos offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts....

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Sonos 3.8 update adds Mountain Lion support

Sonos, which was a bit tardy when it came to adding Lion support after having to rework some of its software, is ready for Mountain Lion. The home music system software has been updated to version 3.8, and along with it comes Mountain Lion support. There are a few enhancements to the Sonos...

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Sonos drops dedicated controllers in favor of iOS and Android apps

It was probably inevitable. Sonos, maker of wireless, whole-house music systems, will halt production of the handheld Sonos Control after May 31. The company has offered iPhone and iPad controller apps for years, which are free and offer a complete set of features. I doubt the company sold many...

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Sonos updates software for iOS 5, Lion

It has taken a long time but the Sonos software is now Lion friendly. When Lion came out in July, Apple substantially changed the way shares work, and the popular Sonos home music system depended on the SMB protocol to share with your iTunes library. In Lion, Apple moved to a proprietary...

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Review: Sonos Play:3 speaker system

Sonos was nice enough to loan me the new Play:3 wireless speaker system that I mentioned earlier this week, and now I've had a chance to listen. It's good. Very good. If you're unfamiliar with Sonos, here's a bit of background. The company began in 2003 with an idea of providing whole house...

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Sonos adds new hardware and lowers the entry cost to whole house music

The very popular Sonos whole house music system has announced a new wireless music player and lowered the price on its Zone Bridge device making the cost of getting into the Mac compatible system significantly cheaper. Sonos is now offering the Play: 3, a US $299.00 compact stereo speaker...

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Testing the Sonos-AirPlay solution

AirPlay is a very cool technology, but it's limited to the second generation Apple TV and a few receivers. Sonos, as I reported last week, has come up with its own way to integrate AirPlay into a multi-room music system, and the company was nice enough to lend me an Apple AirPort Express to try...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Airport Breakdown!

Happy Tuesday!!! Dave is a nice boyfriend who purchaed an AirPort Extreme for his girlfriend's birthday in order to help her. While the Extreme solved her printing/backup issues, he wanted to know about playing music through it. Today we discuss the different AirPort base stations and show Dave...

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Sonos music systems now support AirPlay, but there's a catch

Sonos, creator of a well-reviewed, multi-room, wireless music system, has updated its software to support Apple's AirPlay. It means a Sonos music system owner can wirelessly send music from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to any room that has a Sonos Zone Player. The catch is that you have to...

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iHome gives further details on AirPlay-ready speakers

iHome's first AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system didn't make it out for the holiday season as expected, but they have just released further information on the system, now known as the iW1. We first got wind of the iW1 last September. Back then we simply knew that it would be a wireless...

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