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Rdio app gets iOS 8 and CarPlay support, upgraded sound across subscriptions

The war between streaming services is great for consumers, because it's created an arms race of sorts between each services app's to be better than the rest. Todays latest upgrade comes courtesy of Rdio, featuring improved sound quality, CarPlay support, optimized visuals for iOS 8. On the vi...

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Sound Circle won't let you sleep

I love napping. I could make excuses about it making me more productive and alert, but the simple fact is that naps and sleeping are a great personal pleasure. It's not easy to nap just everywhere and at anytime. I find that "white noise" and soothing sounds can really help me to nap on airplanes,...

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White Noise HQ brings you customized focus and relaxation

There are a lot of white noise apps available in the App Store, but this one is by far the most robust. Available in both a free and a paid version for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, White Noise HQ is packed with sounds and customization features. In general, most free apps come with extreme...

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Mac 101: How to disable that annoying volume noise

Apple's OS X has one little feature that makes me nuts. When you adjust the volume with the keyboard or Menu Bar slider, it makes a little "pip" sound as the volume increases or decreases. On one hand, it's a nice confirmation that you've successfully made a change; on the other hand, it's an anno...

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Mac 101: quickly change volume input, output

Many Mac users have several input and output devices for sound. For example, I have a mic, external speakers and a set of headphones connected to my MacBook Pro pretty much all the time. I also use Soundflower for capturing audio from my Mac. I can make any one of them active via the sound System Pr...

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Audio Memos for iOS: Like Apple's Voice Memo, only much better

Apple's Voice Memos has been around since iOS 3, and in iOS 7 it got a new look and a new icon, but no new features. You can record a voice memo, trim it, and email or text it and Voice Memos also supports AirDrop. It's a good audio recorder, but it's not for the power user. Audio Memos is far more...

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Naturespace, a "sonic landscape" app, has a special Halloween surprise

Naturespace is simply one of my favorite apps, and that includes every piece of software I've used since 1978. If you've ever had problems with ringing in the ears or going to sleep, Naturespace could also be one of the greatest things ever. In short, it is a sonic landscape app, with access to do...

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CanOpener is an excellent app for listening with headphones on iOS

There have been several apps designed to enhance the experience of listening on headphones, using a variety of digital manipulations of the signal. CanOpener is a new entry in the audio app derby, and it's a solid debut. CanOpener is a US$4.99 universal app with an extensive feature set. A Crossfee...

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Sound Uncovered is a gateway to the fascinating world of sound

The San Francisco-based Exploratoruim has a long history of promoting science, arts and hands-on learning. The science museum has a physical location with more than a thousand exhibits, a website with more than 50,000 pages of content and now it is launching its second interactive iPad app, Sou...

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WaveTap snags audio on your Mac with a keyboard shortcut

Recording audio on the Mac just got a little easier thanks to WavTap, a nifty audio utility created by Github user Patrick Ellis. Spotted by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, the tool lets you record audio on your Mac using a keyboard shortcut. You can use the customizable shortcut to both st...

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Mountain Lion 101: Updated high-quality voice synthesis

Most of the speech hubbub around Mountain Lion has centered on the OS's marquee Dictation feature, which happily accepts your spoken words as a substitute for typing them in. Dictation works in almost any text entry field, and it's surprisingly effective; Steve even dictated his entire post about...

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Eco-Amp: environmentally smug sound

It didn't start when Henry-the-iPhone's owner Joe decided to go eco. No, it went way back. It started when he and Joe fought about sound amplification. Henry's sound output was never "good enough" for Joe. Then Joe found eco-amp. For just US$7.99, Joe bought about $0.15 worth of materials and pa...

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Friday Favorite: Audacity 2.0 delivers free audio editing for Mac

Audacity, the venerable and much loved open source audio editor, has a 2.0 release out (as of March 13) in versions for OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux. Here's a rundown of what has changed: Many effects are significantly improved, especially Equalization, Noise Removal and Normalize. Vocal ...

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Sound Sofa is a sofa with an iPod dock

If you want to use your iPod in the living room for ambient sound, but abhor the look of a black, plastic dock, then you should check out the Sound Sofa by CSL. The Sound Sofa is a sectional sofa that houses a built-in audio system with an iPod dock. You can pick among different combinations of...

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Sony introduces stereo systems for high-end iPhone audio without breaking up the dash

Sony Mobile Audio today introduced a new car stereo system that brings high-quality sound to cars that aren't already equipped with the latest and greatest in car audio. The XDP-PK1000 (and its companion unit the MU110, whose only difference is that it requires a third-party subwoofer and ampli...

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