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When Apple in 2000 quickly shifted its focus to music

If you pay attention to the cynics out there, Apple's $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats reeks of desperation. Apple, the argument goes, completely missed the boat on streaming music and is now just grasping at straws with Beats in a last ditch effort to reclaim musical relevancy. Some even take th...

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Behind the music: the backstory of Marimba 158, the iPhone text tone

In a fascinating post from Kelly Jacklin, the long time Apple software engineer details how he helped create the default text alert sound on the iPhone -- now known as the "Tri-tone" alert. The history of the the pleasant chime we've all come to know and love stretches all the way back to 1998, nea...

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The ever-growing iTunes basket

The Guardian puts to words something I've been thinking for a long time: that iTunes is actually Apple's weakest link. You'd be forgiven for believing the opposite -- iTunes is arguably Apple's strongest brand, given that it encompasses all of the "mobile device company's" products, and remains the ...

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A walk through iTunes history

Recognize the software above? The brushed steel, the rounded buttons, the liquid digital-style display. If you said SoundJam, you're right. But if you said iTunes, you're right, too -- SoundJam is the app that Apple originally bought to turn into the multimedia/handheld software juggernaut we kn...

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