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Sound Circle won't let you sleep

I love napping. I could make excuses about it making me more productive and alert, but the simple fact is that naps and sleeping are a great personal pleasure. It's not easy to nap just everywhere and at anytime. I find that "white noise" and soothing sounds can really help me to nap on airplanes,...

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Keezy is a simple sampler that thrives with silliness and whimsy

There isn't enough whimsy in the world. Largely people work too much, are stressed about money, life, and the world in general. It can get downright sullen sometimes. Keezy is a free simple solution to a possible lack of whimsy in your life. Keezy is a sampler app for iOS. It provides you with eigh...

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Owl City's Adam Young says he created iOS 7′s sounds

The American electronica musician Adam Young of Owl City has revealed on his discography page that he created at least some of the new system sounds in iOS 7. Under "Artist," Young lists "Apple" and under "Year" and "Label," Young lists "2013" and "Sounds for iOS7." Besides completely remastering...

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Drums! gets redesigned for version 3.0

There are quite a few "drum simulator" apps on the iPad and the iPhone -- it's one of the first ideas a lot of developers had when the touchscreen devices became available, and lots of devs carried that idea out to release. But Drums! is one of the most popular of these apps -- it's gotten plent...

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Behringer mixers hold iPad inside

The audio mixer company Behringer has announced three new units set for release, and this company has borrowed a little bit of hardware from Apple: they use the iPad as an interface. As you can see above, the new Behringer mixers make full use of both the standard mixer console controls, as well a...

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Daily iPad App: Codify

I've been diving into some rudimentary (very rudimentary, trust me) iOS coding lately, and as soon as I picked up an iPad, one of the first thoughts that occurred to me was the idea of having a version of Xcode (the IDE that Mac and iOS developers use to make their apps) available for the platf...

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Daily Mac App: Sound Cloud

You're a SoundCloud user. You love playing tracks on your Mac and love the idea of SoundCloud, but hate the fact that your poor old Mac sounds like a jet engine whenever you play a track thanks to Flash. SoundCloud app to the rescue. The official SoundCloud app brings "the full SoundCloud web...

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Daily iPhone App: MadPad

Smule's latest app is called MadPad. It's somewhat similar to Harmonix's VidRhythm in that you can take regular everyday sounds and turn them into music. But instead of combining sounds into a premade video, the app will turn sounds into different parts of an instrument, which you can then play...

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Making custom alert sounds for your Mac

When you're fed up with your Mac telling you it's not about to open the pod bay doors and wondering if, Dave, you really want to do that, you may want to think about making some custom sounds for it yourself. And as luck would have it, there's a great tutorial on how to do just that over at Macwo...

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Convertbot updated to 1.1, adds more units to convert

I haven't had much use for Tapbots' Weightbot, even though I actually am currently watching my weight, but I really appreciate the look and feel of the program -- it's one of the most polished apps on the App Store. And Convertbot is no different -- while the actual situations where I need to conver...

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Lightsaber Unleashed returns to the App Store, with ads and dialogue

Yes, in case you haven't grabbed it yet, Lightsaber Unleashed has been rereleased into the App Store. Originally it was called Phonesaber (and it was one of our favorite freebies), but of course Lucasfilm wasn't going to let an unofficial app fly, and now they've passed it off to THQ and rereleased ...

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Found Footage: Apple sounds "song"

Some might argue that the Apple sound effects found in the "Sound" preference pane can get a little annoying over time. However, a YouTube user has turned those "annoying" tweets and chirps into somewhat of a song. The song project, created in GarageBand, is available for download from the creator...

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