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Jawbone acquires BodyMedia

BodyMedia, the makers of a few fitness trackers that work directly with the iPhone and other smartphones, has announced that it has been acquired by Jawbone, creators of the popular Up motion tracker and other Bluetooth headsets and accessories. Techcrunch's "reliable sources" say the deal was clo...

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Apple expected to have strong Q1 2011 shipments despite Intel's glitch

Intel recently had a kerfuffle with its upcoming chipset lines, finding a defect in the 6 series and causing production of certain models to be delayed by as much as a few months. But if you're waiting to buy a brand new MacBook Pro, don't worry -- because Apple is careful about when it upgrades it...

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Engadget: Apple TV gets apps, new name in iTV

Our friends at Engadget have heard from a trusted source that Apple is indeed remaking the Apple TV, as was previously guessed based on its past trajectory. But the final product may surprise you: it won't have 1080p output, according to Engadget (which refutes earlier rumors), but it will keep that...

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Bloomberg: vPhone coming in January

That iPhone on Verizon rumor just won't die -- Bloomberg is now reporting that we'll see an iPhone on Verizon's service in January of next year. "Two people familiar with the plans" say that AT&T exclusivity will finally end next year, and analysts say that if that happens, Apple will sell lots ...

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Rumor: Cloud-based iTunes delayed until summer

Ever since Apple bought music-streaming service Lala, rumors of a cloud-based solution for iTunes have been floating around. And unfortunately, we don't have any official news on that yet (I know I'd use it -- I already share my library to all of my computers in-house anyway), but we do have more ru...

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Rumor: New iPhone by April

You TUAW readers came up with a long list of features for a possible iPhone 4.0, and now it turns out you might not even have to wait too long for a new revision. A few overseas providers of the iPhone have hinted that a brand new version of the handset could be coming out as soon as April of this y...

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Rumor: Apple event in January, possible 10" tablet demoing iPhone apps

There's a flurry of rumors this morning that Apple is planning an event as soon as this January, though exactly what they'll be showing us is still in question. Most of the buzz (along with our buddy Gene Munster) says we will finally see the long-awaited tablet, and that after a January showing...

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iPhone coming to India on Vodaphone in September?

Apple sources are telling the Business Standard that the iPhone is launching in India on carrier Vodafone, with an expected release date this September. The 8GB version is supposedly launching within the year for sure, with a 16GB version "based on buyer response" in 2009. These "sources" seem to kn...

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Ask TUAW: What's Your Best Source for Icons and Desktop Pictures

Now that you've had your Mac for awhile, you've started to figure out how to customize its interface to suit your tastes. Simple question, what's your best source for icons and desktop pictures for your Mac? Free is great, but shareware is acceptable also. My two favorite places for icons--but certa...

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