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Broadway star Josh Gad to play Woz in Jobs biopic

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Josh Gad is in talks to play Steve Wozniak in Jobs, the independent film staring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. Gad is best known for his starring role in the South Park creators' musical "Book of Mormon." He is also a correspondent for The Daily Show and...

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Macworld|iWorld's South Park talk

On the first day of Macworld|iWorld, one of the talks on the main stage was by three people who help bring the animated series South Park to life each week: David Lenna (CTO), Ryan Quincy (Animation Producer), and Eric Stough (Animation Director and Producer). It was an interview-format talk, with ...

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Macworld | iWorld's Art of South Park gallery

On the second floor of Moscone West here at Macworld | iWorld 2012 is the Macworld Midway, a series of displays and events that are still Mac-related, but which veer a little out of the standard Apple community. One of those is this Art of South Park gallery, which features art from the very ribal...

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South Park makes fun of all things Apple in season opener

South Park has aired the opening episode of its 15th season, and it blasted not only Apple's products, but the culture surrounding the company as well. We knew this was coming based on a Steve Jobs parody keynote promo that was shown leading up to the premiere. Some of the best bits were the ...

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South Park introduces the HUMANCENTiPad

South Park is starting its 15th season on Wednesday, and Apple will be there. Comedy Central has posted a very short clip of Steve Jobs presenting the newest iThingy, which seems to be a mash-up of an iPad and The Human Centipede. The latter is a movie so bad that it garnered a Rotten Tomatoes ...

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Apple blocks streaming South Park app

There's yet another case of heavy handedness from Apple in rejecting potential apps from the iPhone store. The creators of South Park have put almost all of their back episodes online at South Park Studios for Flash-based streaming, and last year it was announced to fans that they would be putting t...

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South Park: made on Macs

Maybe I shouldn't be admitting this publicly, but I'm a big fan of South Park. So I was pleased to see the latest Apple Pro Profile is about the South Park Studios and their use of Macs. The construction paper feel is produced with Photoshop and Maya on 30 Power Mac G5s, with the final product requi...

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ProCare promo video inspired by South Park, created by Apple Store employees

We don't know how legit this is, or whether there's an Apple Store out there actually using this, but it appears as though some Apple Store employees have created a ProCare promotional video in the spirit of South Park. It features short, animated kids in a few quick scenarios of customers enterin...

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Scrubs, more South Park in iTunes

Season five of NBC's Scrubs has been added to the iTunes music store this morning [iTunes link]. No season pass, however. South Park fans will be glad to know that a season pass is now available for that show [iTunes link], as well as seasons 3 and 10, starting off with the infamous "The Return...

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South Park moving to Xserve SAN arrays for storage

No South Park episodes in the iTMS yet, but TV Squad points out that South Park is switching over to Apple Xserve SAN arrays for keeping track of all the animation craziness that is the show. This ComputerWorld article details the move: "Franzen said he chose Apple hardware based on a 'gut' feeling ...

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