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TUAW on YouTube Geek Week: Southern Stars and SkyCube

By now we hope you've watched the first two YouTube Geek Week videos from TUAW -- the Stupid WeMo Tricks. Now we're going to something equally geeky, but much more impressive. In these two videos, TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda Jr. talks with Southern Stars Founder and CEO Tim DeBenedictis not...

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MacTech and Southern Stars launching a satellite into space

The folks at MacTech Magazine have teamed up with the Southern Stars Group to launch a satellite, and you can have a hand in the fun. The project, called SkyCube, is now on Kickstarter and looking for funding. The nano-satellite, designed to the CubeSat standard, is scheduled to take a ri...

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TUAW and MacTech interview: Southern Stars

Southern Stars makes a host of awesome astronomy tools, like SkySafari and assorted controllers. If you're serious about astronomy give them a look. In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Tim DeBenedictis of Southern Stars at WWDC 2012. Tim was kind enough ...

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WWDC Interview: Southern Stars

Southern Stars made the first RS-232 dock connector interface, which we saw at MacTech last year, but they also make a really awesome stargazing app called SkySafari. I sat down with Tim DeBenedictis of Southern Stars to talk about their apps, the cable and how WWDC announcements will affect th...

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