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Southwest Airlines offers iOS users $2 iMessaging

Southwest Airlines just announced a new deal for iOS users. Instead of ponying up US$8 for all-day, in-flight WiFi, people with iPads or iPhones can get all-day iMessaging for $2. According to the airline "any Apple user that has iOS 5 or later with the iMessage feature pre-loaded on their device c...

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Southwest, Dish offer free iPad entertainment to travelers

If you're a frequent flier who hasn't yet invested in a tablet of your own, Southwest has you covered: As part of a larger partnership between the airline and television provider Dish, Southwest will now not only provide in-flight entertainment for passengers who have iOS devices of their own, but...

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New iPhone ad: Family Travel

If you've been watching TV over the last few days (and who hasn't, with that USA / Canada hockey game and the tsunami coverage), you may have seen the latest in the series of iPhone ads. The ad, titled "Family Travel," features a voice-over by a Mom who gushes that "It's unbelievable how much ...

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