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Two iPhones to fly into space on last shuttle mission

The space shuttle Atlantis' final mission into space on July 8, 2011 will also mark a first. Specifically, the first time an iPhone has entered outer space. Two in fact, meant to carry out specially-designed experiments. The iPhone 4s will be running an app called SpaceLab for iOS, designed by O...

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In-flight iPhone snaps Space Shuttle launch

The picture at right isn't something you see every day, and it's something there'll only be one more chance to capture: a Space Shuttle launch photographed from an in-flight passenger jet. Stefanie Gordon shot this image of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's launch with her iPhone as her plane descend...

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iPads help perform surgery, capture history

Not satisfied that the magical and revolutionary Apple tablet is helping marine mammals communicate their displeasure with the despoilage of the majestic oceans? Fortunately, the iPad is no unitasker; it's being put to good use in both inner and outer space. First up, CrunchGear points to this v...

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Open the iPod bay doors, HAL: iPod spotted on STS-125 space shuttle mission

What's nicer than to come back into a nice, cozy space shuttle after a hard day fixing the Hubble Space Telescope, taking off your sweaty space suit, and the listening to some tunes on your iPod? TUAW reader Brandon pointed out a photo (below) from the latest mission that showed Astronauts John Grun...

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Satellite watching with GoSatWatch for iPhone

Viewing earth-orbiting satellites, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station with the naked eye is a blast. I've been hooked on watching satellites since my folks pointed out Echo-1 to me when I was just 3 years old. Now I find myself looking skyward every time I'm under a dark sky, hop...

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iPods rock the Space Shuttle

Update 11/16/2008: Welcome Digg visitors. While there may be iPods on the current STS-126 mission, these photos & the blog post are actually from the March 2008 mission. Eagle-eyed reader Walker was perusing hi-res photos of the Space Shuttle Endeavour (which is circling the planet at this momen...

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