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Man spams App Store for fun and makes $2,800 in profit

Gabriel Machuret is not an app developer; in fact he "couldn't care less about apps." He looks at an app and doesn't see a coding challenge or an opportunity for creativity; he sees a revenue stream. He's an App Store Optimization (ASO) expert, and he recently put his money where his mouth is with...

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Who's behind those spammy video converter apps

There's an interesting article from last year over on Macworld about how spammers try to use comment systems on discussion forums to promote their wares. Christopher Breen, one of their moderators, dug into the world of Chinese companies promoting dodgy (as in "don't work very well") video co...

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Friday Favorite: SpamSieve 2.76

My Friday favorite is SpamSieve. We have mentioned it a few times previously, but since it has recently been updated to version 2.76 I wanted to sing its praises again. It's the best way I've found to deal with spam. Using Bayesian filtering, SpamSieve installs as a plug-in to your mail client an...

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