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Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide for iPhone free for a limited time

Normally the Lonely Planet guides for iPhone are $15.99, so any way you look at it, getting the San Francisco guide (iTunes link) for free is a great purchase. At worst you'll see if you like the Lonely Planet way of doing things in a travel guide and at best you might discover something new in San ...

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iTunes Freebies: News Special

A free new documentary news special, Young Latinos In the Military, showed up today in the iTunes Store's TV section US: mun2 News Special - For My Country? Young Latinos In the Military Keeping with its commitment to creating programming with a Latino sensibility, these quarterly news specials will...

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Free Disco for your friends!

But... only if you took advantage of yesterday's macZOT offer! I see as of this morning Disco is still available for $14.95, so maybe the freebie is still valid. Apparently when you register, the surprize (sic) is revealed: another license to give away to a friend. That's a brilliant way to spread t...

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Showtime Rumor Roundup

In the weeks leading up to an Apple Special Event, much of our little corner of the internet is abuzz with prognostication, rumors of what might be announced, and more editorial analysis than you can shake a stick at. Historically, all this speculation rans rampant with little to no new reiable info...

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Apple to release a 23-inch Core 2 Duo iMac September 12th?

While trying to figure out why my TUAW Tips mailbox just choked and cried uncle, I finally found the source of the clog: too many tips to count started pouring in that the announced September 12th special event (not to be confused with the 25th) could be the announcement of a 23-inch iMac Core 2 Duo...

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