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Selecting the specs for your budget Mac mini

If you've been waiting for Apple to refresh the Mac mini line, so you could update your primary system, you're probably working on a budget. So which choices should you make when picking options for your new mini install? I talked with Josh Carr of Rocky Mountain Mac Repair to get his insights ...

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Are we getting a clearer picture of the iPad mini?

As we approach the rumored launch date, the rumored iPad mini's rumored specs are the latest topic of rumor discussion among many of those who helped bring the rumors to light. I'm not saying I don't believe -- but I do find it interesting that we've come to a point where we're not debating the l...

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My main computer, 2004 versus 2011

In 2004, I bought my first Mac. I'd used Macs for decades before that, but those Macs always belonged to someone else. The first Mac that I called my own was a 233 MHz PowerBook G3 I bought off eBay for the princely sum of US$205. It quickly became my main machine, which thrilled my wife becaus...

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Deciding on a tablet by comparing specs? You've missed the point

Last night, I was browsing through story after story on the interwebs that hoped to help people decide on a tablet purchase by comparing the Motorola Xoom specifications with the iPad 2. From multitasking to chip speed to RAM, analysists attempted to find consumers the best possible value for the...

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All of the news from today's iPad announcement

What a day it's been. The tablet is finally out. That's right, the tablet we've been waiting years for is real and will be on sale soon, only it's called the iPad, and it's pretty similar to the iPhone. Just in case you missed something today, here's everything we've learned about the magical and r...

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Apple's official iPad video, specs page

Apple has updated their website with all kinds of fun iPad information, including an official specs page and the video that was shown at the end of today's event. The thing looks just plain beautiful, but then again this is basically their first ad for the "magical and revolutionary" device, so you...

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Boxee box specs revealed

This is probably the last time we'll post about the Boxee box, as it's not really an Apple product, but given that it's based on software that lots of Apple TV and Mac mini owners use, and that we've been following its release, I figure we can update you one more time. Over at CES, Boxee has offici...

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Four flavors of iMac

The iMac has come such a long way from the days when it resembled a very chic lampshade. The best part about the refresh of the iMac line is the introduction of a 24-inch model for only $1,499, thus proving that the rumor mill is right once again, though the mutterings of an iMac refresh have bee...

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All the Apple specs you can handle

When I'm bored I tend to poke around Apple's Support website and see what I can see. My odd habit is your gain, dear TUAW readers, because today I found Apple's official list of product specifications. From here you can find out just how big an iPhone is to how many BTUs an hour an ImageWriter (15")...

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