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iTranslate Voice delivers version 2.0 with new features and faster performance

When I looked at iTranslate Voice in 2012, I though it was like science fiction. It lets you speak to your iOS device in one language, and hear any of 36 other languages come back. It's a powerful application for world travelers and anyone who must speak or interpret a foreign language. Version 2.0...

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Changes to Nuance developer program will result in a flood of voice enabled apps

The company behind the Dragon speech recognition applications for computers and iOS devices has announced a new developer program that will allow software to access Dragon Voice technology at no charge. It could result in a tidal wave of apps that harness the power of the Nuance speech recognit...

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Dragon Dictation and Search now updated, supports iPod touch

If you lust after Dragon Dictation [iTunes link] and Dragon Search [iTunes link] and own an iPod touch, your prayers have been answered. Nuance, the creator of both apps, now has updated versions of the free apps that allow 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch devices to dictate and search all they wan...

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