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Motrr Galileo: Robotic motion control for iPhone

If there's one accessory for the iPhone that has been breathlessly anticipated by a lot of photographers and videographers, it's the Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone mount. The product began life as a Kickstarter that received more than US$700,000 in funding, then went into hibernation for a while as ...

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Sphero boasts new look, launch set for later this year

We saw Sphero in action in January at CES 2011, and the company has released some details on the final prototype and an actual release. The little iOS-controlled sphere is still planned for release sometime this year, but it's got a new design that you can see above. Don't worry, it's still a b...

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Learn how to draw a Mac network node sphere with this tutorial

If you've always wondered how to draw a "ball of nodes" as featured in a variety of Mac OS X icons, wonder no more: Mike Rundle of flyosity.com has written a tutorial to show you how using Photoshop. Rundle discusses "spheric realism," the process of understanding the materials, reflectivity, and ro...

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