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Stun Fone iPhone accessory: YouTube spoof or real product?

Thanks to TUAW reader Adam, I was pointed in the direction of YouTube a few minutes ago to watch a video of a purported stun gun accessory for iPhone 3 / 3GS / 4. While I'm 99.9 percent certain that this is a spoof, the other .1 percent is wishing that the US$24.99 Stun Fone was actually available f...

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USB-IF to Palm: "Oh really? You've got some explaining to do."

Didn't you hate it when you were a kid, and you would complain to an adult about something one of your siblings was doing, just to end up getting yourself in more trouble than they ended up in? Well, you might say that's exactly what is happening to Palm and the ongoing dispute with Apple over th...

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The Simpsons take on 'Mapple'

As Dave and Mike discussed during last night's talkcast, Sunday's episode of The Simpsons included plenty of wink-wink-nudge-nudge references to our favorite fruit company. (The video is also available on Hulu.com.) Lisa discovers a "Mapple store" has appeared in the Springfield Mall, complete with...

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Novell releases Get a Mac spoofs

Apple's Get a Mac ads have inarguably struck a chord with both the advertising and our culture. People clearly either love 'em, hate 'em or wanna spoof 'em, and one only needs to comb our archives or check YouTube to see what we mean. Recently, Novell (yea, the Linux guys) tossed their hand into...

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iPod Hacks posts "iPhone shuffle" spoof

The folks over at iPhone Hacks have posted a spoof (read: this is fake) of an upcoming Apple product that minimizes the functionality and branding of the recently release iPhone. The new iPhone shuffle (again, this is fake kids) carries the slogan of "Life is random," and its ground-breaking industr...

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Zune/iPod spoof video from...Microsoft?

The other day, I posted about a Zune video riff on "I'm a Mac", fully convinced that it was a fanboy production. After all, you can't "squirt" video from one Zune to another (at least without resorting to the "rename-it-as-a-jpeg" hack) and it takes more than a single button hit to send data, and so...

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Yet more Mac spoof ads - now with Linux!

I was waiting for someone to add Linux into the mix, and TrueNuff TV did a pretty good job with a series of Mac Spoofs. Parodying (of course) the latest series of love-em-or-(mostly)-hate-em ads, TrueNuff has produced 6 spoofs that poke fun at the Mac, though Linux, admittedly, takes quite a beati...

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VH1's Best Week Ever spoofs the new Mac ads

Hooray for music television stations that do anything but these days: VH1's 'Best Week Ever' has spoofed the new Mac ads, and we have to say: they're pretty darn funny. They might not be safe for work (mild language), but they did a good job of capturing the somewhat pretentious and put-off attitud...

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Mad TV - Apple's iPad

Mad TV has produced one of the raunchier iPod spoofs we've seen to date (meaning: probably not safe for work) in the form of an advertisement of, how shall we say, pads for women who 'think different'. The 'iPad' ad wins bonus points for coming complete with a spoof of the iPod silhouette ads and a ...

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Found Footage: Broke Mac Mountain

We get all sorts of interesting email here at the TUAW compound. Stephen sent us this spoof of 'Broke Back Mountain' entitled 'Broke Mac Mountain,' which is very amusing. I especially enjoyed the line, 'Actually, it's pretty common.' I suppose this would be rated PG-13, so do with that info what y...

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