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BBC launches BBC Sport app

Following on the heels of their incredible Olympics 2012 app (no longer available), the BBC yesterday released their first dedicated BBC sports app. BBC Sport came about after the Corporation's success with its dedicated Olympics app and the fact that it noticed that up to 40 percent of its BBC...

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TUAW preview: Billabong Surf Trip

Chillingo invited us out to the headquarters of surfwear manufacturer Billabong yesterday for a look at a new iPhone and iPad game called Billabong Surf Trip. The game is designed by a Portugese developer named Biodroid Entertainment (who told me that they've done some work on other consoles, but t...

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PGA Championship app pushes latest scores, includes buy-up live video

The set overlap between "iPhone owners" and "fans of professional golf" isn't trivial, so it's worth mentioning that the free app for the 92nd PGA Championship is available in the App Store. You can follow along with the action at Whistling Straits this weekend in glorious Retina Display detail, and...

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Hands-on with Element Case and your chance to win a TUAW version

We get a small number of physical products to review around here, and the streets are thick with iPhone cases of every variety -- but Element Case stood out. These aren't generic leather or plastic cases, they are somewhat beefier plastic cases available with metal, carbon or wood accents and spor...

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Fixtures and more from iFooty

With 237 (and counting) almost universally glowing reviews, iFooty is one app that's scoring well on the UK iPhone App Store, riding high on the Top 25 Free apps list. What it does it pretty simple -- aggregating football league data and news articles from a variety of BBC sources -- but it does it...

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TrailRunner 1.7 Released

On this long weekend (for some of us), how about some outdoor activity? TrailRunner updated its route planning software for runners, bikers, and hikers that works with your iPod nano and Nike+ sport kit. TrailRunner 1.7 is the latest release of the software, which can now import workout data from ...

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Get your run on - Apple taking preorders for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit

It looks as though Apple is officially taking pre-orders for the $30 Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a customized wireless transmitter and receiver set that helps you track your run by integrating with Apple's iPod nano. The tips started pouring in, and sure enough, it's up in the store in all its über-br...

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