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Run, walk, and jog with the stars via Spring

The class I hated most in high school (well, besides math) was gym. I had zero hand-eye coordination, I never liked sports, and I got very out-of-breath every time we were tested on the mile run. Maybe it was the testing aspect, or maybe it was because I never fit in with the uber-athletic culture...

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No, Virginia, you can't have a universal LTE iPhone 5

There might be a Santa Claus, but regarding the mythical animal known as the universal iPhone: there is none. As noted on Apple's spec page for the iPhone 5, the company will be shipping independent GSM and CDMA models of the new phone to match the LTE frequency bands of carriers worldwide. The i...

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Redeye mini puts ThinkFlood's IR transmitter in a smaller, cheaper package

ThinkFlood released the Redeye in December of last year, which is a little unit that hooks up to your iPhone and, working with a separate app, turns Apple's handheld into universal IR remote. Our own Brett Terpstra liked the device, but said the unit was a little costly and could probably use a few...

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TUAW Spring Shuffle Giveaway Day Four: Green

Welcome back to another round of TUAW's Spring Shuffle Giveaway. Today on the menu: green. Or as some of us call it, 008000. While Kermit may complain, these shuffles don't appear so unhappy with their hue. At least green is a spring color, right? Anyway, if you don't know the drill, you enter our l...

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The elephant in the room: Apple pulls a Microsoft, delays Leopard past original promise

The first bell that rung in my ear when Steve announced Mac OS X 10.5's ship date of Spring 2007 was: "Apple just pulled a Microsoft". I know, I know: those words might be nails on the chalkboard in your head, but it's true. Leopard was originally promised for Fall 2006, and now it's been bumped bac...

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