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Reinventing the Spudger

Here's a basic Apple geek test. Spudger. If the word means nothing to you, move on to the next post. Okay, just us now? If the term spudger means something to you -- and you know in your inner geek heart that it does because you're still here reading -- just wait 'til you hear what we have fo...

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2011 Mac mini gets the iFixit teardown treatment

I love the iFixit site. They jump in where wimps like myself fear to tread, and give us the courage (and instructions) to pop open our Macs and see what's inside the Apple-logoed aluminum box. Yesterday we gave you the iFixit details of the new MacBook Air models, and now the site has lovingly ...

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Tracking the mysterious 'black stick'

In its hardware repair instructions and videos, Apple frequently mentions the "black stick," a plastic tool that can be used to pry things apart without damaging our precious glossy exterior finishes (or the sensitive electronics inside). The problem I've found is that nobody seems to have these, in...

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