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Russian lawmaker thinks the iPhone is stealing state secrets

A Russian lawmaker -- yes, the same Russia that was recently implicated in a malware scheme to infect the U.S. power grid -- is calling for a ban on iPhones and iPads amongst members of parliament. Dmitry Gorovtsov of the Fair Russia party recently told a Russian news outlet that he is proposing a...

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Apple officially denies helping NSA spy on iPhone users

Ever since the revelations this past year regarding the NSA's domestic spying program, tech companies -- including Apple -- have been facing increased scrutiny about exactly how much access they've provided the US government to users' devices. On Sunday, German news site Der Spiegel published an in-...

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No criminal charges in Pennsylvania MacBook spying probe

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal investigation into the possible misuse of webcams on Apple laptops did not find criminal intent. The investigation was at a suburban Philadelphia school district that used special software that wound up covertly snapping images of students who were...

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Remote webcam activation now disabled in software that led to controversy at Pennsylvania school

The suburban Philadelphia school being investigated for spying on students using MacBook laptops will lose the ability to turn on the built-in cameras remotely when they update their security software. Absolute Software, new owners of the LANrev remote administration suite (formerly owned and dev...

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Did a Pennsylvania school district use iSight to iSpy?

The FBI and lots of parents want to know if school-issued MacBooks were used to spy on students at a suburban Philadelphia school. Earlier today, a federal judge was asked to stop the school from destroying any records or logs from the 2,300 laptops that were used by high school students that att...

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