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Tag: spyware

New trojan MusMinim-A written for Mac OS X

On Saturday, information security firm Sophos reported a new "backdoor Trojan" designed to allow remote operations and password "phishing" on systems running Mac OS X. The author of the Trojan refers to his or her work as "BlackHole RAT" and claims the malware is still in beta. Indeed, Sophos, w...

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Better safe than sorry? Trend Micro Smart Surfing for Mac

Earlier this week, PC security app vendor Trend Micro announced a new product aimed at Mac users. Smart Surfing for Mac (US$69.95 per user per year) provides antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and web threat protection, and also has a two-way firewall built in. This, of course, brings up the ol...

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'MacGuard' double-plus ungood, avoid

The fine folks at Intego sent out a warning this morning about MacGuard, a bogus piece of software that claims to clean up your system and remove adware, spyware, and trojans. It doesn't. According to the warning, MacGuard is simply a clone of a Windows app called WiniGuard. The company releasing t...

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BBC Story - Switch to Macs For Better Online Security

Most of our readers know that Mac OS X is a much more secure environment than any flavor of Windows. Microsoft apologists like to say that the lack of viruses and malware targeted towards Mac OS X is because its much smaller marketshare. I believe there's a kernel of truth in this argument, but it's...

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For those of you worried about security...

There is a little application I mentioned way back in September 2005: MacScan. Does it work? Well I have no idea, because I don't use it, and I've never heard of any particular spyware for the Mac. Yet somehow a new version is out which protects against "all the latest threats." Like that ...

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