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Three new Final Fantasy games coming to iOS, and FFVII isn't one of them

Square Enix will be making RPG fans very happy in 2015 with three new Final Fantasy apps for iOS, Famitsu reports. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time, and a Final Fantasy Portal App are all headed to Apple's mobile platform next year. Brave Exvius and Crystal of ...

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Square Enix prepares to disappoint Final Fantasy fans with Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

Everyone wants a full Final Fantasy VII remake for modern consoles and/or PC, and everyone wants a true Final Fantasy VII port for iOS to follow the first six games that are already released on the platform. But rather than doing what everyone wants, Square Enix is giving one of the more obscure m...

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Slay some vampires and download Bloodmasque on iOS for free this week

The snow is falling and you know what that means? Vampires! The creepy, face-stealing action RPG Bloodmasque has gone free for one week in honor of Halloween Christmas... for some reason. The game lets you put your own face on the main character, a half-breed vampire hunter, and for a limited time...

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"Deus Ex: The Fall" to remove jailbreak restriction with upcoming update

On Friday we reported on how the makers of Deus Ex: The Fall, in an effort to combat piracy, implemented a scheme whereby users with jailbroken iOS devices can't fire guns in the game. While I wouldn't go so far as to call the move controversial, it does seem work to create a wide dragnet to the ...

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Square Enix uses your face for action in Bloodmasque

Square Enix's Bloodmasque was undoubtedly the strangest game I saw at E3 last week, and in a year defined by indie titles and two new HD consoles, I think that's saying something. Square Enix has had a weird time with the App Store -- other companies like Capcom and EA have found a lot of success ...

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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics S, coming soon to iOS

Square Enix has launched a Japanese site for an upcoming mobile game called Final Fantasy Tactics S, and it sounds intriguing. Final Fantasy Tactics, of course, is the excellent tactical strategy game based on Square's old Final Fantasy series, which arrived on iOS a little while ago. The "S" v...

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Daily iPhone App: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a really interesting gift from Square Enix for Final Fantasy fans. It's a music game that was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, in which players can play a touchscreen game with songs culled from Final Fantasy soundtracks, supported by a pro...

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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 4 coming soon to iOS, along with big mobile sale

Square Enix has announced a rare sale on its mobile titles, along with at least one big release coming soon: Final Fantasy 4, ported to iOS. This version is based on the 3D remake that came out in 2008, so it'll feature active-time battles, full-motion videos and a full orchestral theme. Should...

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DeNA and Square Enix to release new mobile Final Fantasy game

DeNA is one of the larger social networks coming out of Asia lately (they're probably best known around these parts for buying mobile game developer ngmoco), and the company announced this morning that it's teamed up with Final Fantasy creators Square Enix to publish a new Final Fantasy-branded...

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Daily iPhone App: Motley Blocks is a new line-drawing puzzle game from Square Enix

Motley Blocks is a just-released game from Square Enix, now available on the App Store for $2.99. I first saw this game back at E3 this year, so it's been in development for a while. The polish and performance of the game definitely shows that development time, even if the basic premise of the ...

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Daily iPhone App: Wizardlings doesn't quite live up to its reputation

Wizardlings has quite the pedigree: Not only was it published by Square Enix (who are of course legendary for their JRPGs), but it was created by Liv Games, the great indie company behind the iOS hits Legendary Wars and Monster Wars. Unfortunately, Wizardlings is a pretty simple app designed fo...

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Square Enix considers dropping iOS prices

The Casual Connect gaming conference is going on in Kiev, Ukraine this week, and while there, Square Enix's General Manager of Mobile for Europe Antony Douglas expressed that his company is considering lowering its prices on iOS. By itself, that's not a very surprising notion: Most companies th...

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Daily iPhone App: Square Enix's Unreal game is called Demons' Score

Oh man, Square Enix's entries to the App Store just keep getting weirder. We heard a while back that the company would be working on an original game using Epic's Unreal engine for iOS, and here it is: It's called Demons' Score, and it's a rhythm-based shooter. No, really. The idea of the gam...

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Daily iPad App: The World Ends With You Solo Remix for iPad brings a modern classic to iOS

The World Ends With You is one of the best role-playing games of the last five years. It was originally released by Square Enix on the Nintendo DS, and it not only made great use of an original setting (it's based in the highways and byways of a mystical version of Tokyo's biggest shopping dist...

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Square Enix's World Ends With You: Solo Remix arrives on iOS

Square Enix dropped a surprise on the App Store this weekend: a specially-formulated for iOS version of its really inventive RPG The World Ends With You. The game was first created for the Nintendo DS (and made extensive use of that device's lower touch screen), and the newly released "Solo Rem...

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