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How to guard yourself and your Mac from Firesheep and Wi-Fi snooping

The prevalence of free/cheap and open Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, airports, offices and hotels is a great boon to the traveling Mac or iPad user; it makes connectivity and remote work much easier than it used to be. Unfortunately, since most of those networks don't employ WEP or WPA passwords to...

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Meerkat 1.5 automatically reconnects your SSH Tunnels

Meerkat turns SSH tunnels -- a fairly obscure and complicated concept -- into a feature anyone should be able to use, and does so in a very Mac-like way. I've known about SSH tunnels for a long time, but I've never been able to get them working. The concept is simple enough: a SSH connection is form...

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Meerkat: simplified SSH tunneling

I would wager that most of the people who know they need an SSH tunnel also know the Terminal commands to make it happen. But if those people happen to be Mac users, it's quite likely they wouldn't be averse to having menu bar access, Growl integration, Bonjour capability and a nice GUI to handle th...

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SSH tunneling for fun and profit

Will O'Brien is a little paranoid, but we still love him. He has written up a great step by step post over at Engadget, a little known blog that I read, detailing how to setup SSH tunneling when you are on potentially insecure networks. Go read it, because you don't want me reading your email (and ...

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