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The iPad as an IT professional's tool

John Welch over at Ars Technica wrote a wonderful post about using an iPad as a system administrator's tool, noting that Apple's tablet is "an addition, not a replacement" to the many tools that IT pros currently use to complete their daily tasks. Welch brings up points that I discovered when...

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Use SSH scripts to share Safari tabs between two Macs

Our own Brett Terpstra developed two SSH scripts that let you share Safari browser tabs between multiple Macs. This method is perfect for those Mac users with an iMac or a Mac Pro as their main work machine and a Mac laptop as a secondary machine for checking email, instant messaging or light b...

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Prompt from Panic does SSH on iPad and iPhone

Prompt from Panic is probably not an app you'll download just to muck around with and then forget. An SSH client is one of those things you either need and use a fair bit, or not at all. Described by developer Panic as "a clean, crisp, and cheerful SSH client: it helps you when you need it, and ...

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Terminal Tips: More reliable SSH connections to your Back to My Mac hosts

Back to My Mac is a feature of MobileMe that allows you to connect remotely to your Macs. Usually this is for screen-sharing or file-sharing through the Finder, but you can also connect via SSH. In the Terminal app (found in /Applications/Utilities/), you can connect via Shell » New Remote Con...

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iSSH updates, supports multitasking and port forwarding

One must-have app for me with any smartphone is a decent SSH client; I wouldn't move over to the iPhone until I was sure it had one. When Zingersoft's iSSH came along and I was able to kick its tires a bit, I knew I could safely move my life over to the iPhone. RSA/DSA key import support, an X11 cli...

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SSH and the case-sensitive username in Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard introduced a lot of under-the-hood changes and many are not very obvious. One such change is to the authentication requirements for logging in remotely via SSH. In 10.5 logging in remotely via SSH was a pretty standard affair. In 10.6, however, security has been beefed ...

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iPhone worm author really goes to work

While you have to go to quite some lengths to be vulnerable to it, jailbroken iPhones have been under fire for susceptibility to a particular SSH-based type of worm that has seen a lot of press lately. One of the developers, Ashley Towns, who helped to get the "rick" rolling, as it were, has just an...

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Protect yourself from SSH-based iPhone worms

The internet has been ablaze with reports of jailbroken iPhones being infested with worms. The exploit takes advantage of unwitting jailbreakers who install OpenSSH on their iPhones via Cydia without taking into account all of the impacts on security. The most notable, and now famous, hole in this t...

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Dutch hacker accesses jailbroken iPhones, requests €5

Running a jailbroken iPhone has its risks, as a Dutch hacker has demonstrated. Specifically, he used a bit of port scanning to find jailbroken phones with SSH running in his native Netherlands. From there, he sent unsuspecting users a message that reads, "Your iPhone's been hacked because it's reall...

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Meerkat 1.2, 100% more AppleScript support

If you work from non-secure networks (coffeehouses, airports, hotels, etc.), or if you've ever wanted to bypass a firewall (YouTube or TUAW blocked at work?) you may be familiar with SSH tunneling. It's come up more than once here on TUAW. It allows you to conduct your Internet business through a se...

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How to stream your iTunes library across the web for free

Mac OS X users and faithful readers of TUAW know that there is great power found in the command-line, but one of the greatest advantages of OS X's UNIX heritage is the secure shell (SSH) client and server. From the Apple Matters article on SSH tunnels for the common man: "SSH is a network protocol t...

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Friday Favorite: ShareTool

Another Friday Favorite, our weekly opportunity to get all sloppy over our most-loved applications. If you have an always-on Mac at home, a decent upstream connection and another Mac anywhere outside of your home network, you might find ShareTool to be as useful as I do. It allows you -- with an ama...

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Meerkat: simplified SSH tunneling

I would wager that most of the people who know they need an SSH tunnel also know the Terminal commands to make it happen. But if those people happen to be Mac users, it's quite likely they wouldn't be averse to having menu bar access, Growl integration, Bonjour capability and a nice GUI to handle th...

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SSHing for fun and profit

I'm sure you've heard all the cool kids talking about SSH in the cafeteria during lunch, but you had no idea what it was. Be ignorant no more, because Devanshu Mehta is writing a series of posts about using SSH for Apple Matters. The first in the series explains the basics of SSH and what you'll nee...

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Security Update 2008-002 issues may be cleared up by Rogue Amoeba fix

As many of you have reported, there are a few hiccups for some who have installed the latest Leopard security update. Two of the areas of concern are ssh (no connectivity or a crash) and printing (errors out, documents never finish spooling), with various fixes offered (reinstalling the 10.5.2 comb...

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