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Magic 2014 coming soon with new campaign and cards, sealed deck play

For a long time, Wizards of the Coast would not release anything official on iOS, even though the biggest collectible card game -- Magic: The Gathering -- seemed perfect for Apple's touchscreen platforms. Then, last year, we finally got Magic 2013 on the iPad, and now Wizards of the Coast is prepa...

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Carmageddon for iOS out now, free for a day

Carmageddon is an old PC title from the company now called Stainless Games, and earlier this year, they held a Kickstarter to update the game and release it out on iOS. The Kickstarter got funded, and Stainless has now delivered on its promise, and released the title on Apple's App Store. The n...

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Carmageddon will be free (for a day) on iOS

Carmageddon is an old PC game that recently got the Kickstarter treatment, as developer Stainless Games is planning to build a sequel. Not only did the project get completely funded, but the company hit its "stretch goal," so as a result, the game will also come out for iOS when it arrives late...

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