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Ten One Design Magnus Air: All iPad Air stand, no bulk

When an accessory PR rep says she's going to send me an iPad Air stand, I usually expect to receive a heavy package in the mail a few days later. That's why the new Ten One Design Magnus Air (US$39.95) surprised me so much when it showed up in a small padded envelope. Ten One Design touts the Magn...

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IDAPT accessories: Style and substance from Barcelona

IDAPT is a design company in Barcelona, Spain that reflects a lot of the character of the city that's seen in the image above. While some products such as the US$9.99 Sutra channel the quirky and playful side of the architecture of Barcelona, others like the $49.99 Universal Charger i4 are as in...

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Emergency Father's Day gift for iPad-owning plumbers

What started out as a joke, apparently has turned into a thing. If you can't find the official "iPlunge," I'm sure the US$10 household toilet model with a bit of paint will work just as well....

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A Macintosh Plus repurposed for the iPad

I'm strangely OK with this, as long as it's slightly more well-aligned. [Photo Credit: Hassan Hodges]...

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Nimblstand: Making the Apple Wireless Keyboard even more useful

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is great for use with a Mac, with long battery life, a great key feel and a compact size that makes it unobtrusive on a desktop. So why not use it with your iPhone or iPad? Unless you have some way to prop up the device behind the keyboard, it's going to be pretty uncomfo...

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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 5: Is your iPhone full of crap? This should help

Today is the fifth day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 Day 5: A mini plunger for your iPhone There are so many things laying around your house that can prop your iPhone up, it'...

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Stylish Boomerang iPad mount/stand now shipping

Nothing makes me happier than to see a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project not only get funded, but make it to the newly-redesigned online store. That means that even if you didn't have an opportunity to back the project, you can purchase the product outright. That's the case with the ...

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Bracketron NanoTek Stand: minimalistic design by 1.0 Innovations, functional standout

You may read this review of the Bracketron NanoTek Stand (US$29.95) and ask yourself "What's so exciting about a angled piece of aluminum with some sticky pads on it?" Well, many times smartphone stands are tied to a particular generation of a smartphone, so when the next big thing appears on the ...

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Flickr Find: iPad on a G4 iMac base

Remember the G4 iMac, lovingly called the iLamp because of its unique design that resembled Luxor Jr. of Pixar fame? Spotted on Flickr is this clever iPad stand that uses the base of the G4 as its centerpiece. It was created a few years ago by Flickr member Jamie37211, who documented the proc...

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Chef Sleeve Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand a welcome addition to the kitchen

Long-time TUAW readers may remember that spring day a few years ago when I cracked open an egg on my iPad. I wasn't worried -- the iPad was protected by a Chef Sleeve, an ultra-thin splash- and grease-proof reusable bag that keeps cooking goo from sullying your favorite kitchen device. The comp...

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Stands du jour: TwoHands & MonkeyDo iPad stands impress

When it comes to iPad stands, there are more options out there in the market than you can shake a stick at. If you're just looking for utility, you needn't look farther than a used roll of duct tape. Ugly but it works. Today's market is about combining utility with beautiful design and I found ...

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Review: Joule II iPad stand

The original Joule was nice and simple, featuring a channel for your iPad and an arm to prop up the tube in which that channel was cut. The Joule II doesn't reinvent the original, but improves upon its design in a couple of places. Like most Element Case products, the Joule isn't the cheapest s...

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GroovBoard is a clever, useful laptop desk for iPad

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world, he sat in a cozy chair to emphasize the informal, relaxed ease of using the device. Years later, I'd wager that many customers use their iPads in a similar way. Curled up on a couch or chair. It's comfortable but not always convenient. The Groov...

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Hands on with the iKlip Studio stand for iPad

It's difficult to get excited about a stand for the iPad, unless it's something exceptional. But most of the time, a stand is to serve a very practical need. And with IK Multimedia producing a vast array of accessories and applications for musicians to use with their iPads and iPhones, it makes...

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Magnus magnetic stand has a hold on your iPad 2

Sometimes the most simple accessories can be the most effective. When I received a tiny box from Ten One Design claiming to hold a stand that would support an iPad 2 in an upright position, I scoffed. But it turns out that the Magnus magnetic stand (US$49.95) really does work. The Magnus is a tiny ...

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