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Lunar eclipse viewing made easier with free SkySafari Lite

If you're going to grab a look at the total lunar eclipse tonight (actually early tomorrow morning U.S. Eastern Standard Time) we've got just the app for you. The developers who brought you the excellent SkySafari astronomy app are offering SkySafari Lite for free today to help you track the eclipse...

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Star Walk still out of this world (and you might get it for free!)

Star Walk [iTunes link] has been updated and improved with new features that let you leave the earth and look back at our home planet in beautifully rendered views. Star Walk uses GPS to get your location, and shows you the current sky above your head. Since we last looked at Star Walk the app has a...

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Distant Suns for iPhone update: Sky no longer the limit

In this International Year of Astronomy we're seeing a small explosion of astronomy apps updated both for the Mac and the iPhone. One of my favorites, Distant Suns [App Store] has updated the build that runs on the 3GS iPhone to include some augmented reality features. This means that if you poin...

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The stars in your pocket: Pocket Universe for iPhone

I've always loved astronomy. There is something about the tremendous size and scope of our observable universe that is inspiring and humbling at the same time. It's why I get excited about the variety of astronomy programs for the iPhone. The latest is called Pocket Universe [App Store link]. For th...

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