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John Lasseter receives star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, honors Jobs

Pixar head (and current Disney chief creative officer) John Lasseter recently was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and in addition to being honored for all his great work on Pixar's movies and Disney's animations, Lasseter himself passed on some of the honor to Steve Jobs. Jobs fam...

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TUAW's Daily App: Star Dunk

Star Dunk is a strange little mix of online basketball (you can see the basic idea here) and an interesting cosmic aesthetic. To shoot the basketball, you just touch the screen and drag until your guideline is lined up, and then you fire away and try to drop in as many shots as possible. You get bo...

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iChat Extender - tweak iTunes status message, chat bubbles

iChat Extender is a little app that lets you tweak various settings of iChat that unfortunately don't have a pref pane of their own. Features such as the format of the 'iTunes now playing' status message and the style of chat bubbles can easily be adjusted with this handy and free app. For more fun ...

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