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A fully realized Starcraft MMO is in the works, but it needs to be Kickstarted first

If you're a dedicated World of Warcraft player, you may have already spent a good deal of time wondering when developer Blizzard would give its StarCraft property the MMO treatment as well. StarCraft Universe is that MMO, but it's not being made by Blizzard; a group called Upheaval Arts is creatin...

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TUAW's Daily App: Starfront Collision

Gameloft has earned a reputation for, ahem, "borrowing" some game ideas for the App Store. A lot of the company's (very popular) games are more or less copies of popular titles on other platforms. One of Gameloft's latest games, Starfront Collision, is no different; it's basically a clone of St...

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Blizzard hasn't looked at the iPad for StarCraft

Last week, the folks from Ars Technica got a chance to stop by Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, CA. They kindly asked a question that many of us RTS gamers have been wondering about ever since the iPad was released: Is there any chance that we'll be getting StarCraft to play on the iPad? Sure, there...

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TUAW at E3: Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem for iPhone

I'm spending the week at E3, and while iPhone games are somewhat few and far between (odds are that we'll see most of the App Store's goods next week at WWDC), there are a few gems to find out on the floor. In the Vogster booth, I got to play Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem. It was originally seen on t...

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iPod easter egg in Starcraft II

AJ noticed something funny at BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment's big gaming convention out in Anaheim, CA the other week-- hidden inside Starcraft II, Blizzard's upcoming RTS game, is this little nod to the iPod. Hidden on a little billboard in the game's futuristic setting is an ad for the iPisto...

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Starcraft II will be on the Mac (and PC)

Let me start this out by saying that I am not a gamer, which usually isn't a problem given I use a Mac (let's be honest, the Mac isn't the best platform for gaming). Despite my non-gamer status I loved StarCraft. I spent many, many more hours than I should have sending my brave Marines off to defen...

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