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Terminal Tip: Enable half-star ratings in iTunes

Do you like giving ratings to songs in iTunes? If so, then you've probably noticed that you are only able to rate songs on a full-star basis, not enough granularity for some music fans... there's a longstanding AppleScript hack to enable half-stars, but now there's an easier way around this issue. M...

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"My Mac Won't Start!" pocket guide

For their 100th QuickTips email newsletter, Seattle area mac support agency CreativeTechs has published a handy little  troubleshooting guide that fits neatly in your shirt pocket. The "My Mac Won't Start!" pocketmod tiny guide is available as a free PDF download, and covers basic troubleshooti...

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Remapping Key Combinations

Some people may think I am pro-*nix, but actually I really just like getting information out there for all our readers. Today I came across a great tip on Switch about Windows-like key bindings. If you don't dig the way Apple has the start and end key combos mapped in OS X, you can change them by cr...

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