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Daily iPhone App: Artkive helps you save your child's artwork for posterity

I first learned about Artkive last week at an event here in LA, put on by Technori and designed to show off some of the best startup ideas in the City of Angels. The company has been around for quite a while, and has picked up a whole lot of buzz from mom bloggers and the parenting industry (wh...

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New TechCrunch app combines the best of TechCrunch and CrunchBase

TechCrunch took its popular iPad app, shrunk it down and ported it to the iPhone. The essential research app for tech entrepreneurs shares the same features as the iPad version, but has a UI that's optimized for the iPhone's smaller screen. You can read breaking news stories, follow what top ...

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Color closeout story shifts; team said to be headed to Apple

It's been a Color-ful 24 hours for anyone following the several contradictory stories surrounding the future of the exorbitantly-funded social media company Color. As the dust settles, it appears that Apple is poised to purchase the heart of Color, just not its name. The saga started when an ema...

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An interview with Dag Kittlaus, the man who sold Siri to Apple

It only took one phone call to turn Siri's Dag Kittlaus's life around. Before the call, he was the head of a Silicon Valley startup and afterwards, he was a multimillionaire working with Apple. In an interview with Norwegian publication E24, Dag Kittlaus talks about his time working at Siri, the ...

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As seen at TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2011, part one

I took a stroll down the startup and "battle" aisles at TechCrunch Disrupt this week. The startups were largely focused on social media plays, though not to exclusion, and surprisingly not all of the had associated apps for mobile devices. That said, there were definitely some to keep an eye on...

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Apple files trademark for "Startup" retail store program

Apple has filed a new application for a trademark on the word "Startup," centering around the category of "[r]etail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and consumer electronic devices, and demonstration of products relating thereto." Presu...

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Mac 101: What's happening when your Mac is starting up?

Recently, in the interest of sleeping soundly through the night, I've been turning off my 27" iMac every night. No, I'm not doing this for energy conservation, but the darned thing used to light up at random intervals in the middle of the night. Since I now have to power up the iMac every morning, I...

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AppleJack startup utility now works with Snow Leopard

In the hustle and the bustle of last week's full-court press press, there was a bit of Mac news worthy of mention: the indispensable AppleJack single-user utility has been updated for compatibility with Snow Leopard. If you never need AppleJack, you'll be happier, but if and when you do need it t...

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Interview with the creator of the Apple startup sound

We met them while they were shooting on the Apple Campus, and now the creators of the Dutch site have posted their interview with Apple sound designer Jim Reekes (who also appears in Welcome To Macintosh). They met up with Reekes while at Macworld in San Francisco a little while b...

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Cool tool: Change your Mac's boot image with BootXChanger

Every once in a while, I get reminded about a cool tool that I've used and then totally forgotten about. In today's example, the reminder came in the form of a post on UNEASYsilence about how to change your Mac's boot image. The boot image, in case you're new to the Mac world, is that gray Apple log...

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AppleScripts to set startup disk between Windows and Mac OS X

If you're living in a Boot Camp world and have a need for changing your startup disk from time to time, enterprising TUAW reader David B. has written a couple of AppleScript apps with your name on them. Boot (Camp) Sargent beta 0.1 is actually two scripts: the first to set your startup disk to Windo...

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TUAW Tip: keyboard shortcuts during Mac OS X startup

For today's TUAW Tip, I thought I'd cover some of the basic essentials for starting up your Mac, especially for recent switchers who feel naked and lost without their BIOS. I compiled the list I have here from Magical Macintosh Key Sequences (which Dave mentioned last September), Apple's own keyboar...

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