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TUAW's Daily App: Cartolina

Cartolina is an app that I noticed over on the great Drawn! illustration blog. While you might not want to get it yourself (it's the thought that counts with greeting cards, and I think that, with both cards and letters, the real thing is still better), you can't disagree that the art of this one i...

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First Look: Memento

A couple months ago we reviewed SodaSnap, a free application for the iPhone that allows you to send postcards. SodaSnap didn't allow you much flexibility, and was definitely not an iCard replacement. However, Memento for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes link], which brings Mail.app-like stationery to e...

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Mac 101: Create Custom Email Stationery

Have you used Mail's stationery and thought that it was too limiting or did not appeal to your tastes? With a simple save button, you can create your own stationery to be exactly the way you want it. Just create a new Mail message, filling in the body as you see fit -- use special formatting, colo...

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ThinkSecret posts new Leopard gallery

Leopard has been delayed, we know, so let's pretend it's October with this gallery at ThinkSecret of build 9A410 (while we're at it, Hackint0sh has a gallery as well). This time around we see a number of UI improvements (like the screenshot of Automator at right) and lots of shots of Mail's new "Sta...

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