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TUAW Desktop of the Week

This week's Desktop of the Week may include a little Windows paraphernalia action, but don't let that distract you from some of the mod action that Flickr user dannyuncensored has going for his brand new black MacBook. First up is the wallpaper he's using - it appeared in a February rumor we ran ...

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TUAW Desktops of the Week for 4/30 - 5/5/07

This week I found it impossible to choose just one image from our TUAW Desktops Flickr group, so I chose four - two desktops and two honorable mentions. The first, simply titled My Current Desktop (how about some more unique names for these desktops, eh?), is from Flickr user tj scenes and is quit...

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Desktop of the Week for 4/22 - 4/28/07

This week's TUAW Desktop hails from Flickr user brianpunx and makes use of a number of Mac OS X software and icons which brianpunx was kind enough to list (hint: that makes my job easier when picking a TUAW Desktop of the Week, though it doesn't influence my decision). First, it's running a Shape...

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TUAW Desktop of the Week - Happy Puppy

Since we've already taken care of the holiday-themed Desktop of the Week, we can get back to the fundamentals of the ideal desktop like function, form - and a happy puppy! Flickr user bc_lau wins the award for *almost* making me spit out my morning coffee with a desktop like this. Besides a happy ...

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Panic updates Stattoo

Panic's Stattoo helps you keep track of what you need to keep track of. When launched, it "tattoos" a strip of statistical capsules (I hate to say it, but think "widgets") across the bottom of your screen (you can reposition it if you like). You can assign a hotkey or key combina...

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