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iPad as desktop status monitor

Imagine this: you put your iPad into its dock next to your desktop (or laptop), and it transforms into a heads-up display of all the important stats from your machine. Maybe add some news and weather, and your "Today" list from your favorite to-do app. I'm sure there are a good number of people who ...

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App Giveaway: Emoti puts a face on your Facebook updates

It's not easy to make your Facebook updates stand out from the crowd; lots of text and not much visual stimulation may mean that your friends just pass right by the critical details of what you ate, saw, supported or enjoyed today. Giving those wall posts and status updates a bit of eye candy to mak...

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iPod touch: state of the jailbreak

The iPod touch jailbreak attempts continue but there's little progress and less to report. Martyn, one of the hackers, has disassembled his touch and has attempted to read the chips directly. This hasn't been a huge success. I have been using iPhuc's grestore mode and my digital camera's video to t...

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Subsume: Facebook updates via Growl and Address Book

If you're looking for the 'next thing' with which to boost your Facebook ninja status, Subsume just might be it. Right now it's an alpha so it's a little rough around the edges, but it primarily displays updates from your Facebook friends with Growl, a TUAW favorite that allows applications to displ...

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Juhu for Jaiku: A Mac OS X client for the other lifestream service

We've definitely caught the Twitter wave here at TUAW (we even have our own account), but it is by no means the only 'what are you doing' or lifestream service on the block. Another big player is Jaiku, which brings a fairly different perspective and set of features to the table. While Twitter focus...

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Widget Watch: DreamHost status

I'm a pretty happy DreamHost customer, though I've been with enough basic hosting plans to realize that many hosts (at least the ones in my price range) might experience some hiccups from time to time. It just seems to be the way hosting is, at least in my tax bracket. Fortunately, DreamHost offers ...

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iChat Extender - tweak iTunes status message, chat bubbles

iChat Extender is a little app that lets you tweak various settings of iChat that unfortunately don't have a pref pane of their own. Features such as the format of the 'iTunes now playing' status message and the style of chat bubbles can easily be adjusted with this handy and free app. For more fun ...

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