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DIY Steadicam for the iPhone

This is really awesome. While there are rumors that an iPhone 4 Steadicam is in production, Spencer Watson didn't wait -- as you can see above, he went ahead and built a Steadicam-type rig for his own iPhone out of some parts he had sitting around. As you can see from the video it takes, it works...

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Found Footage: Steadicam releasing Smoothee for iPhone 3GS

In the world of professional film and video photography, the Steadicam stabilizing camera mount revolutionized tracking shots by allowing a camera operator to "hand hold" a camera, but keep the camera steady. This Academy Award-winning invention is now available for the rest of us in the form of ...

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Shoot steady iPhone video with Zgrip iPhone PRO

ZGrip iPhone from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo. A few weeks ago, I shot a video of myself riding a bike around. The result was a bit jumpy, as you might imagine, so I used iMovie 8's stabilization feature to eliminate the shakiness. The result is nice and smooth, but also artifical looking. I...

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