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Mega-super TUAW shootout of the iPhone UI sketchbooks

Part of my work requires me to mock up iPhone apps, often to show developers how I would redesign a user interface to work better than something they've come up with. Over the past few months, a number of paper sketchbooks have appeared on the market, all designed expressly for this purpose. I decid...

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Sketch an iPhone app UI with a special stencil

This is really neat. The folks at Design Commission have produced a stencil to assist with the iPhone/iPod touch UI prototyping, brainstorming sessions, flows, interaction techniques, etc. that you'll do before you begin coding. Of course, it includes all the standard iconography and buttons. Doesn'...

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Flickr Find: iPaint myMac

Satta van Daal is a talented stencil artist from Germany, now living in Australia. His canvas? A vast array of old Macs: from SEs to LCs to PowerBook 100s. He decorates them with everything from vignettes of Steve and Woz to carefully recreating the look of Susan Kare's original one-bit Mac icon set...

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OmniGraffle is fantastic. Its useful, shiny, and it allows me to show people what my thoughts look like visually, even if it scares them a bit. Perhaps one of the most useful applications of OmniGraffle is for plotting out infrastructure of some kind; network maps; flow charts; company hierarchies. ...

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