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Video: Stephen Colbert loves woos his iPhone 6, breaks iPhone 5s heart

One of the perks of being Stephen Colbert is getting your iPhone 6+ early. The fake news commentator debuted his device last night by wooing the iPhone 6+ and throwing his iPhone 5s away like a summer fling. It's not just bragging, though Colbert certain does that as well. The segment also feature...

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Stephen Colbert reviews the Kim Kardashian app

Don't look now, but the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" app has already generated tens of millions of dollars in pure profit and currently occupies the #5 spot on the App Store's list of Top Grossing apps. There's no shortage of opportunities for jokes here, but why not let a master comedian show you...

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Stephen Colbert exposes Siri biases

Stephen Colbert, America's indispensable authority on absolutely everything, decided to put Siri to the test on the Colbert Report to see if he could find an abortion clinic in Manhattan. Not only does he claim he can't find one, but he says it can't understand foreigners either. Well, Stephen,...

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Colbert has an iPad 2, already wants the iPad 3

Stephen Colbert can finally eat and sleep apparently -- he was able to pick up his own iPad 2. And as you can see in the video below, he's thrilled with it. Sure, it's mostly just because it's new (it doesn't really do much his old tablet doesn't do), but his excitement is essentially boundless...

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear app now available

MTV Networks has released the official Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear app for this Saturday's Jon Stewart rally and Stephen Colbert march. The app features a map of the rally site, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare integration, a portal to upload photos to the official rally photostream, news u...

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Stephen Colbert and his iPad at the Grammys

It must be nice to be the host of your own popular Comedy Central show and a host on the Grammy Awards. Why? You get to play with an iPad. No, it's not one of Tim Meehan's faux iPads - this was a working unit that flipped from portrait to landscape mode when Stephen Colbert pulled it out of his ...

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The many sides of Steve Wozniak

We all know this Woz quite well... The prankster who still laughs at fart jokes and plays Segway Polo. The guy who admitted, in the email accompanying the above picture, which was taken backstage before his recent appearance on The Colbert Report by the friend of an acquaintance of mine: I suggeste...

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Found Footage: Colbert + iPod

Some of you may be aware that Stephen Colbert, the holder of the Truthiness, is having a green screen contest. The above video is one entrant into the contest (though the videos are supposed to feature Stephen fighting an alien, we here at TUAW cast our vote for this one). [via TVSquad]...

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