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Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Divoom, based out of Hong Kong, sells a variety of portable audio devices. Their devices differ in product shape, color, and price, but offer portability, Bluetooth compatibility and rechargeable batteries, which means they're good companions for your iOS devices. I tested the Onbeat-200, one of D...

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Phil Schiller confirms iPad mini stereo speakers

In an email reply to an Apple fan requesting a bit of clarification on the iPad mini, Phil Schiller confirmed that the new, smaller tablet does indeed feature built-in stereo speakers. This marks the first time an iPhone or iPad has carried such a feature, and it seems somewhat odd that Apple d...

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Flickr Find: iPad powering bike stereo

This is pretty cool -- it's a bike-mounted iPad-controlled stereo spotted at a recent meetup for a group of BMX riders. There's not a lot of information on how it was all put together (maybe if user Mikey Wally sees this, he can tell us more in the comments below), but it looks like the iPad is sec...

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More than one way to stream Bluetooth

Want an easy way to use the Bluetooth in your iPhone/iPod touch to stream music to your traditional stereo? The new Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, announced this week, should do the job nicely. It's a little dongle that connects to your stereo either through a 3.5mm headphone jack or, using RCA...

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Driving along in my automobile, with an iPhone or iPod

Taking a holiday drive with the music blaring is a very American thing to do, but getting your iPod or iPhone to take part has often caused a world of confusion and crude jury-rigged solutions. Apple has reported that 90% of all current cars are iPod/iPhone enabled, but I have never met anyone who ...

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Dock your iPod on your Vespa

My wife and I took our honeymoon in Italy a few years ago, and those Vespa scooters were absolutely everywhere. When we returned home, I said, "I want one of those Vespas," but it just didn't seem to have the same panache here in the states. Plus, I'm likely to get crushed by an SUV. Still...

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