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Steve Jobs is a Japanese manga star

The life of Apple guru Steve Jobs is already a book and a Hollywood movie, so why not adapt it into a Japanese comic as well? That appears to be just what has happened. It's noted that the book is "based on" the official Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, though just how close it stays to...

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Steve Jobs' vision for free Wi-Fi for the masses

Writing for Re/Code, Walt Mossberg today relays an interesting anecdote about Steve Jobs and his desire to deliver free Wi-Fi to the masses. More than just an idealistic pipe dream, Jobs told Mossberg that he hoped to get big name companies on board in order to bring his vision into fruition. Of...

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When Ron Johnson told Steve Jobs the Apple Store design was all wrong

You may know Ron Johnson as the man who helped mold Target into the retailer it is today, or perhaps as the Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple from 2000 through 2011. Maybe you know him from his recent work trying to turn JCPenney around before he was ousted in April of this year....

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Be the hippest hipster at your local Starbucks with a NeXT sticker for your MacBook

Want to show all the other MacBook-toting latte drinkers at your local coffee shop that you liked Apple before it was cool? There's no better way than boldly displaying your affection for the company that, by being acquired, brought co-founder Steve Jobs back into the Apple fold. For US$24.50, you...

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Kanye West on Steve Jobs' influence and how Beats will help Apple

Bono wasn't the only recording artist making waves and talking about Apple at this year's Cannes Lions event. Kayne West, arguably the most influential rapper in the world today, stopped by to talk about the Internet and his major influences. Some readers will be surprised to learn his biggest...

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Flickr Find: Steve's got your back

Flickr user Sam has found a clever use for her Steve Jobs Lego minifig. She attached the figure to a Lego stand and then slapped the stand on her desk with some Blue-Tack. A Lightning cable fits perfectly into "Lego Steve's" hand. Last week we wrote about Sugru, a playful material that hardens...

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When Apple in 2000 quickly shifted its focus to music

If you pay attention to the cynics out there, Apple's $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats reeks of desperation. Apple, the argument goes, completely missed the boat on streaming music and is now just grasping at straws with Beats in a last ditch effort to reclaim musical relevancy. Some even take...

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Jony Ive on the Steve Jobs to Tim Cook transition: "Honestly, I don't think anything's changed"

With WWDC 2014 now behind us, many are holding up this year's developers conference as the moment when Tim Cook and Apple were able to finally step out of the long shadow cast by Steve Jobs. What's interesting, though, is that while those on the outside are often quick to contrast and compare...

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Tony Fadell: I would have loved to show Steve Jobs the Nest Thermostat

Earlier this week, Adam Lashinsky of Fortune published a lengthy and interesting piece profiling former Apple executive, famed Nest CEO, and current Google employee Tony Fadell. While much is already known about Fadell's ascension to prominence -- from his days at General Magic to Phillips and...

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Swift file icons pay homage to Apple's "Here's to the crazy ones..." text

Though the glory days of Apple Easter eggs has passed us by, Apple every now and again manages to throw a little something fun into the mix. Most recently, developer Alexander Blunck discovered (via 9to5Mac) that if you zoom in close on the icons used for Swift files, you can see fragments of...

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Looking at Swift and what Steve Jobs said about increasing programmer productivity

Apple this week introduced Swift, a new high-level programming language meant to usher in a new future for iOS development. While there are a number of great facets to Swift, one of its more frequently cited benefits is that the syntax is much more approachable and readable than Objective-C....

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Apple's classic comedy duo: Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller

Looking back on Apple's keynotes ahead of next week's WWDC conference, I've noticed that several of the most enjoyable moments at the company's keynote presentations have been provided by the light-hearted banter between co-founder Steve Jobs and "his only friend" Phil Schiller. The compilation...

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YouTube Find: WWDC sing along with Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller

WWDC kicks off next week, so let's prepare with an autotune version of Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller singing about WWDC from iTunedSteveJobs. You'll be humming the song all day ... for better or worse. ...

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What ever became of Microsoft's $150 million investment in Apple?

In August of 1997, Apple and Microsoft decided to put the past behind them and focus on the future. At that year's Macworld event, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates announced that the two companies had entered into a historic agreement. In addition to agreeing to a broad patent cross-licensing agreement,...

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Steve Jobs was never a fan of subscription music

While Apple's rumored deal to acquire Beats is not yet official, people are trying to future out why Apple wants a company that sells divisive headphones (consumers love them, audiophiles don't) and subscription music, among other things. Most industry watchers believe that Apple has its eyes set...

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