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iCEO is a plush Steve Jobs

Throwboy's got a new pillow coming out soon, and as you can see above, it's in the shape of a plush Steve Jobs. I don't know -- some of you might say this is too soon after the late, great CEO's passage last October, but we certainly wouldn't have had a problem celebrating Steve in this way when ...

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Steve Jobs and the Mac team, photographed by Norman Seeff

I really like these photos of Steve Jobs and the early Mac gang, taken by Norman Seeff. You may have seen one of them on the front cover of Time magazine, not to mention on the back cover of Jobs's recent biography. It's great how these photos show just how young and carefree Jobs and company o...

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Survey finds customers confident in Apple without Steve Jobs

If Steve Jobs were to step down as the CEO of Apple, what effect -- if any -- would it have on the likelihood of buying Apple products in the future? Research firms RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave asked Apple customers this question in a survey conducted between January 31 and February 9. ...

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Woz gets quizzed on Wait Wait

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is something special. He has an uncanny wit and carefree personality that makes everyone smile. His latest foray into the public spotlight found him as a guest on the NPR program Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! In the show, host Peter Sagal quizzes celebrities, asking them...

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Jobs to dev on app name change: "Not that big of a deal."

I don't know if this was the right thing for Steve Jobs to say, but on the other hand, I do think it's the perfect thing for him to say. The story, as reported by our buddy Daniel Brusilovsky over at Crunchgear, goes like this: A company called The Little App Factory got a letter from Apple, who had...

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Jobs to miss Apple shareholder meeting this week

Bloomberg is reporting that Steve Jobs will not attend this week's Apple shareholder meeting. That's not a big surprise -- Jobs' health has kept him from attending recent usual events, including Macworld earlier this year. But it is the first time in the over 10 years since he rejoined the company t...

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iPhone January update, coming soon to an iTunes near you

I don't know about you all, but considering I'm not in the market for a pricey, tiny notebook, and I don't need yet another thing hooked up to my TV, the best news I heard at the Keynote today was about this iPhone "January update" (does that mean there'll be one every month?) coming soon to your ...

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The Beatles don't go on

Well the one rumor that I thought was least likely (that the Beatles were a no go at this morning's event) turned out to be true. There is still no Beatles music available on the iTunes store, either in the WiFi store or otherwise. Not that Steve didn't taunt us. Over and over again, he threw down h...

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Financial Times: Forged Documents related to Jobs' options

Sources have informed The Financial Times of London that the forged documents at the center of the ongoing SEC investigation relate to illegal activities surrounding options given to Steven Jobs. According to the FT story, Jobs "was handed 7.5m stock options in 2001 without the required authorizatio...

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Steve's Special Stool

It's no big secret that Our Glorious Leader has very particular tastes, and he likes getting his way. Fast cars (Mercedes Benz), fast jets (Gulfstream), and according to Valleywag, secret three-legged stools. Though no real details are known about said stool, the Valleywag tipster says that Unkie St...

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Jobs might deliver a keynote, updated MacBook Pros on September 12th?

Egads, the rumor engine has caught on fire and September 12th is to blame: HardMac cites anonymous sources (i.e. - take it with a grain of salt) that Steve Jobs still won't be present in Paris for the upcoming Apple Expo, but that doesn't mean he can't be on a stage somewhere: the rumor is that Jobs...

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Jobs approached by student developer - doesn't fire him?

For those who don't quite get the headline: Jobs is notorious for being a demanding and quick-to-fire-you CEO; there are a few stories of His Steveness doing things like firing an employee who pulled a Porky Pig (an American cartoon character with a stuttering speech impediment) when he found himsel...

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Steve Jobs will not give Apple Expo Paris keynote

Our hearts go out to all the Apple Expo Paris attendees in the audience, for Steve Jobs will not be giving a keynote yet again this year. In fact, there won't be any keynote at all. A show representative confirmed this keynote-less announcement with Macworld UK, citing that, while Apple has seen "si...

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Woz and Buzz to take Hydrogen Hummer to South Pole

Before we dive into the actual story, lets just take a minute to sit back and appreciate just how fantastically bizarre that title is. ... Ok then! Mac daddy Steve Wozniak has announced that in December 2007, he and Moon man Buzz Aldrin (second person ever to set foot on the Moon) will participate i...

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Woz interviewed in Berkeley's Forefront magazine

David Pescowitz, columnist and Boing Boing coeditor, conducted a great interview of Steve Wozniak in the Fall 2005 issue of Berkeley School of Engineering's Forefront magazine. The interview includes some nifty nuggets of Wozness including why Woz's Berkeley Engineering diploma is made out to Rocky ...

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