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Stevemail smackdown on student strikes sparks

On Friday, Gawker ran the story of Chelsea K. Isaacs and her claimed email back-and-forth with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Now it's all the buzz. Isaacs, a self-described "renowned college journalist, artist and social fixture" (also apparently North America's "most desirable hand model" at the age of 12,...

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Daily Mail runs iPhone 4 recall story based on fake Steve Jobs tweet

No, wait -- it's not credible. Despite the fact that @ceoSteveJobs is 100% fake, which a casual reading of the account timeline shows, Britain's Daily Mail newspaper still ran with a story yesterday that quoted the Twitter account as saying Apple might have to recall the iPhone 4. The story has been...

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Double Stevemails on iPhone 4 reception: "Just don't hold it that way"

With so much to do -- counting profits, making FaceTime prank calls to Woz, rubbing hands together and laughing manically -- it's hard to believe that El Steve is taking time out of his very busy day to answer his mail. Yet answer it he does, if our two most recent tipsters are on the level. Both ar...

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Of Stevemails and stevedores: Talkcast tonight, live at 10 pm ET

You have to hand it to Gawker writer Ryan Tate; he wasn't timid about giving his new penpal a piece of his mind, salty language and all. Tate let loose with a full-throated defense of iPad pornography, overworked print publishers and the freedom to write once and run anywhere. Of course, in this par...

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